Tuesday 26 August 2014

This (Long) Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Collecting - a few books from the library. I only actually reserved 3 of them, the others were just ones I stumbled upon in the 10 minutes I spent there!
Library books
Eating - far too much food. We had a Tesco Clubcard Prezzo voucher which needed using so after we'd done the book thing we went off for a 'date' (is it still a date after 7 and half years of marriage?)
Anyway, I'd forgotten how big Prezzo's meals were! Although we did still manage a pudding - that goes into a different stomach doesn't it?
Prezzo main meals
Prezzo Lemon Torte
Packing - a few bits and pieces for going off to the Great Dorset Steam Fair.
Watching - the first procession of South West England's illuminated Carnival season. Last Saturday's parade was in Sturminster Newton in North Dorset and there's now at least one Carnival somewhere across the South West every Saturday until the middle of November (so yup, sorry, you'll be hearing a lot about them again, same as last year)
Sturminster Newton Carnival
Judging - the entries at the Carnival procession. Even though this was only a small Carnival, it can still be surprisingly difficult!
Judging Sturminster Newton Carnival entries
Heading - off in separate directions. Not in a bad way or anything! Andrew took his lorry off to the Great Dorset Steam Fair on Sunday morning and is staying down there at the moment. I stayed home to catch up with some jobs around the house and do a bit of coursework for my degree and I'll be going down to join him on Wednesday.
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. I can't go out and not have pudding, it just isn't right! Although... I eat pudding for breakfast so what can I say ;) I've really enjoyed reading your blog since the Christmas swap, it's a nice relaxing read xx

  2. Pudding definitely goes into a different stomach. That meal looks delicious! I love Tesco Clubcard Vouchers- I reckon they're even better than money! xxx

  3. Oh without a doubt pudding goes into a different stomach or at least we can all keep telling ourselves that haha, food looks yummy and like I really need to go to Prezzo!

    Belle x Part of Belle's world


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