Wednesday 6 August 2014

Here Is The News #5

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Jane has been off book bench hunting round London. I'd love to go and visit but it's only on til September, boo.

Go wish Michelle a huge congratulations, she's finally moved into her lovely shiny new house!

And someone else rightly deserving of a huge congratulations is Katie who's just won herself a fabulous new job and to celebrate she's having a giveaway of very nice things indeed.

Currently Coveting

Wicked is coming to the Bristol Hippodrome spring next year. I'm currently trying to convince Andrew that we need to go and see it!

Exciting Events

Carters Steam Fair are in Bath's Victoria Park all this week. I know I keep banging on about them (it's run by friends of ours, that's why) but they are really good fun.

There's a vintage bus rally on at Avon Valley Railway this Sunday. I've never been but it looks quite interesting.

Interesting Info

The Guardian newspaper compiled this quiz all about libraries in fiction. I ended up with a dismal 4 out of 10!

These pets are all eager to be taken up north for the Fringe Festival :-)

I'm sure you all can't have failed to notice that the Great British Bake Off is back on tonight. I'm probably going to commit some kind of serious blogging crime by admitting this but I haven't actually watched the last two series. I've read the book (and photocopied the recipes I liked) but I just seem far too busy in the summer to watch every last episode and besides, it all seems so advanced nowadays, not like the first series.

I'm actually more excited about three new BBC3 programmes which all start tomorrow night - Cuckoo returns for a second series and then there's new shows, Our World War and Siblings, both of which look really quite good.

Have you spotted anything interesting this week?


  1. Aww :) Thank you for linking to me and the congratulatory comments! I like GBBO but more as a background kind of TV show - it doesn't grip me as much as some other shows. And it makes me hungry. xxx

    1. Yup I agree, GBBO definitely makes you hungry! :-) xxx

  2. Thanks for linking to me :)

  3. Lovely post! I always go to the Steam Fair when it comes to Weston - it is great! I especially love the waltzer although it goes so quickly. :)


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