Sunday 3 August 2014

An A-Z of Me - E

A-Z of Me - E

Edinburgh - I reckon Edinburgh must be my favourite UK city, not just during festival season but it's a pretty cool city all year round. I'd love to live there and we have even browsed the jobs at Edinburgh University just for fun (strangely there seems to be a lot of staff who end up working at Bath after being at Edinburgh and vice versa). Andrew's not keen though, he reckons it'd be too cold!

Excel Spreadsheets - Whoever invented spreadsheets is a genius in my book. I loved making lists as a child and when we first got a computer at home back in the 90s, it was like a dream come true - all my scraps of paper and notepads could be condensed into Excel files. Nowadays some of my Excel lists have been changed into online apps (my 'books to read' list is now on GoodReads for example) but you still can't beat a spreadsheet for making a good list.

English Literature - Along with Drama, this was my other favourite subject at school (helped by the incredibly enthusiastic teacher we had) and I loved studying all the different books and prose. I went on and studied it at A Level as well although I wasn't too keen on doing a whole degree in it!

English Language - I think the English Language is amazing. It's also ridiculous, confusing and sometimes downright silly but it's still a magical language and I love the variety of stuff it contains. I think I've always liked words, books and reading though as one of my school reports from primary school contains the sentence, "Louisa has a very wide vocabulary for someone her age" - I'm very proud of that line!

What 'E' things sum you up?

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  1. Edinburgh is so beautiful and I fell in love with the culture when we visited too- if it wasn't so far away from our families and friends I would definitely consider moving there. I love an excuse for a good spreadsheet- I made loads of them when we were buying our house to make sure we budgeted properly. xxx

    1. I think everything's better with a spreadsheet :-) That's one of the reasons Andrew's vetoed moving up there - too far away from everything down here and too far away from the Great Dorset Steam Fair! :-) xx


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