Thursday 21 August 2014

An Excellent Week in Edinburgh

Ahh, Edinburgh, my favourite city and my favourite holiday of the year - the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Aside from a minor hiccup with our first train being cancelled from Bristol, everything else went spectacularly to plan. I do love it when a spreadsheet and itemised plan actually works! :-)
We always stay at a little holiday park just outside the city centre on the eastern side of Musselburgh. It's a 45 minute bus ride to the city centre along the coastline of Joppa and Portobello with beautiful views and sandy beaches.
 Edinburgh Portobello
The site has a variety of places to stay and this year we traded up for a slightly bigger lodge than our usual (one with a double bed and it's own toilet!) and ended up in the Almond Bothy which was so lovely I think we'll be booking it again next year.
Almond Bothy at Drummohr Holiday Park Edinburgh
The other amazing thing about this site is that they sell wood-fired pizza a couple of times a week. We arrived on a Tuesday night around 6pm and while I got on doing the unpacking Andrew nipped over and picked up a Hawaiian - perfect fodder after an 8 hour train and bus ride! 

Edinburgh Pizza at Drummohr Holiday Park

Edinburgh Pizza at Drummohr Holiday Park
Then we headed into Edinburgh city to see our first shows, soak up the atmosphere and (obviously) eat a lot more food...
Edinburgh Fringe Tickets

Edinburgh Husband Creche

Edinburgh Fringe Posters

Pleasance Courtyard Edinburgh

 Edinburgh Festival Fireworks

Pleasance Dome Edinburgh

Whisky sign Edinburgh

Somewhere we've been meaning to visit every year and never get round to it is Mamma's Pizza Restaurant. This year we had a gap of a couple of hours and despite there being a bit of a queue to get in, as there was only 2 of us, they showed us to a table straightaway - bonus :-)

Mamma's Pizza Edinburgh
Mamma's Pizza Edinburgh

Mamma's Pizza Edinburgh

Andrew had the Matador pizza and I had a BB King pizza topped off with a shared bowl of cheesy chips - and it was definitely well worth the 4-year wait.

Next year I'll have to plan a pizza stop into my GANTT chart!


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  1. All of those pizzas look delicious! That cabin is so sweet too- I think that's the kind of camping I could cope with :) xxx


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