Sunday 10 August 2014

52 Lists - Things You Wish You'd Known As A Teenager

Duck in 1997
Your BFF's? 
They won't stick around (but it's okay, you'll find new ones).
Think you're fat? Unattractive? Unfashionable? 
You're certainly not overweight or that unattractive (the outfits are possibly a bit quirky but you'll be able to carry them off with confidence in the future).
All those hobbies you have that other people think are sad?
Give it 10-15 years and you'll be well cool.
That whole idea that you jump in the sack with someone and wham, you're pregnant?
Yeah, you don't need to worry about that.
Think you'll grow out of those spots on your face?
Hah, think again (and a quick visit to the library to research something called PCOS wouldn't go amiss).
That lunchtime 'fun' job you have in the school library?
That's actually the career you need to follow.
Above all though, whatever happens remember you'll be fine.
Stuff might seem like an absolute disaster at the time but it happens for a reason and if it didn't, you wouldn't end up the person you are today.
This post is part of Ema's (Made in Hunters) 52 Lists Project
For a full list of all the other lovely bloggy people taking part, visit Scarlett's site (WorkRestPlayLove) for a nosy!


  1. Haha I know what you mean about the crafts - growing up and being able to cross stitch that was the uncoolist thing ever. Oh how things change.

    1. I know, just looking at my Facebook feed it's so funny how everyone who was 'cool' at school is now very uncool and equally all of us who were 'well sad' are now quite cool! :-) xx

  2. Great list!!
    Re PCOS, one of our TAs at work has that and she recently got unexpectedly pregnant, it was a big shock for her.

  3. This is just so spot on! Great post

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin


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