Friday 22 August 2014

The Summer Tag

Last month the lovely Gemma and her equally fabulous companion Dudley from over at Not So Simples tagged me in The Summer Tag.

I'm sure you've all seen it doing the rounds; in fact I'm probably the last person to complete it but as it's a bank holiday this weekend (and that means it's the last week of the summer) then nope, it's not too late to answer the questions!

The Summer Tag

1. What's your favourite thing about summer?
Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe, Great Dorset Steam Fair and all the other shows and fetes we end up going to.

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Orange juice and lemonade, preferably with a sea view.

3. Is there a location you prefer to go to in summer?
Outdoor swimming pools and lidos - places like Greenbank Pool in Street and Portishead Open Air Pool. Closely followed by Weymouth Beach for gorgeous lazy sea swimming.

4. Favourite make up look for summer?
I wouldn't say I'm any kind of make up expert but I have been trying to wear brighter lipstick this year so my favourite look would be anything with brightly coloured lips!

5. Dresses or skirts?
Dresses, obvs.

6. Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals most of the time (although I live in ballet pumps during our Edinburgh week - they're so much easier to dash round the city in!)

7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for summer?
Down, but only because it's not usually long enough to wear up.

8. Deep smoky eyes or bold lips?
Bold lips.

9. Favourite perfume for summer?
Something a bit fruity (but it's usually just whatever I'm using at the moment).

10. Last but not least, favourite music for summer?
Whoever my favourite band is at Glastonbury each year! I always end up listening to the same band over and over again from the end of June through to the end of August. This year I've got Arcade Fire on repeat.

If there's anyone out there who hasn't completed the Summer Tag yet, then consider yourself tagged!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I'm miles behind and nope, not bothered!
    Orange juice and lemonade - magnificent summer drink choice.
    M x


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