Sunday 31 August 2014

An A-Z of Me - G

An A-Z of Me - G

Gardening - I'm what would be called a 'lazy gardener'; I like plants that take care of themselves and don't need too much looking after and I like growing veg like potatoes which again, don't take too much effort. It's funny really, before we owned a house, I wouldn't have said I was that bothered about having our own little patch of greenery but when you end up with one that's over 100ft long (in our first house) you suddenly become obsessed with Gardener's World and the Chelsea Flower Show!

Girliness - I really don't think I'm a girly girl at all. I was probably a bit of a tomboy as a child; I remember climbing trees and making mud pies and even owning (and loving) a toy multi-story car park complete with cars and a lift (ahh, good old 1980s toys).
I don't follow many beauty blogs, wouldn't know where to begin teaching someone how to do their make-up, only just started wearing bright lipstick this year, can't really be bothered styling my hair and the only reason I wear dresses is the majority of the time I'm too lazy to colour co-ordinate a top and a skirt!

Geography - This was the class at school that was a close runner-up (to English Literature and Drama) for the prize of being my favourite subject. My dad really liked it and most of our holidays incorporated some kind of geography lesson along the way. I seriously considered studying it at university but was put off by having to learn about soil and rock types when I was more interested in the human side of the subject. Obviously I know now that I could have just studied that bit on it's own!


What 'G' things sum you up?

For the rest of the alphabet click here!


  1. I'm definitely with you on the lazy gardening approach. I've only really started looking after our garden this year (we've lived here for four). It was beautiful when we moved in but a combined apathy for plants and my dislike of anything creepy and crawly meant we'd left the garden to its own devices and it was looking rather sorry for itself. My G's would be grammar (love it!), Greek yoghurt (I'm currently OBSESSED), and gerberas, my favourite flowers. xxx

  2. I'd have gardening on my list as well - I've only started on it this year as it was my late partner's domain in the old house. Also on my list would be geocaching, genealogy, games (board games and online games), gingerbread and ginger biscuits!

  3. Yay geography! That's probably my defining G too! Though it was the soil that fascinated me hehe :) x


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