Friday 27 March 2015

What Duck Wore...Thrifting Bargains

I'm one month behind in doing my whole "one outfit post every month" thingy for my 33 before 33 list. I think I'm going to blame the lack of decent daylight and busy weekends.

Green dress
I've picked up a few interesting little things from charity shops recently (if I can get away with December as "recently") and also took part in Janet and Steph's Big Blog Clothes Swap the other month so here's a bit of a roundup of bits and pieces. Some of them need a bit of alteration but nothing that can't be done at some point with my trusty sewing machine and a mug of tea.

This little dress is a modern one by TU at Sainsbury's and was a bargain £3.99 from a charity shop in Bath. One of those dresses you try on and then a little smile appears on your face at just how perfect it is.

TU by Sainsbury's flowery dress

Even though I tried in on in the shop though, I didn't actually notice there was a little button missing from the front but that's no bother to fix really. I've even worn it to work a couple of times and no-one's noticed yet anyway!

This one was picked up in a charity shop in Bath the other week. I love the colour of it and the pattern and I picked it off the rail to look at and then put it back because green isn't really my colour. It was such as lovely shade though and I loved the neckline on it; it was also Berketex and £8.99 so I thought well, what the heck, I'll try it on just for fun anyway.

Berketex green dress

In the mirror though, it didn't actually look that bad, which is quite amazing as like I said, it's not often I can pull off a green colour. I'd like to take it up a bit though as I think it would look slightly better if it was shorter but that's a job for another day. It also has the coveted 'Made in England' label!

This top and scarf were part of the fab package Janet sent me for the Big Blog Clothes Swap. I love Breton tops but don't actually own any, there's always a bit of me that remembers it being drummed into you as a teenager - "stripes make you look fat" - so I've never actually bought one.

Breton top and scarf with Lucky Dip Club brooch

This fits me perfectly though and I went for a casual look when we went out to see one of the Bath Lit Fest talks the other week. The jeans are just an old pair I've had for a while, the scarf is thrifted via Janet (White Stuff originally) and the brooch is fabulous sparkly heart from a Lucky Dip Club box.

This dress I actually picked up just before Christmas in a charity shop in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. It's supposed to be floor length I think but even so, on my 5ft 4in frame it's just a tad too long and needs taking up a few inches.

Long black dress

I do think it's fab though, it was one of those items that look a bit frumpy on the hanger but when you put it on, looks so much better and a lot more structured. There's no name on the label but it does say 'Made in England' and puts me in mind of something a bit early 1980s.

And lastly (not clothing) I've seen a few different bloggers make outfits based on the patterns from the Sew Over It shop and then in a charity shop in Bath I found this gem peeping out from the shelves for only 50p.

Sew Over It book

I do feel quite inspired to get making and crafting but the first thing I need to do it dramatically sort out my crafting area. At the moment, my sewing machine is rather buried under a large amount of detritus from Christmas and my birthday last December!


  1. Oh what a splendiforous lot of items! That Bertex is gorgeous as is the maxi-well, all of them are really attractive and look great on you!!x

  2. You have such a pretty, vintage style. The Berketex dress looks gorgeous on - I think you look fabulous in green!


  3. I love the floor length dress, I hope you have a function coming up to wear it at. I also love the striped top, the scarf really sets it off :) xx

  4. I love all these dresses, great bargains! And you really suit jeans, the top looks fab :)

  5. The green dress with the pretty neckline is exactly the sort of thing I would wear, love it! You look fab in the maxi skirt combo too

  6. The green dress looks fabulous! I agree it needs to be a bit shorter to make it look up-to-date, you could add a sparkly thin belt for that special occasion. The long dress is really great - it reminds me a little of Abigail's party - not a bad thing at all! Carole

  7. You look stunning in that striped top and jeans combo! You rock dresses really well too but that outfit is just perfect. Fyi- horizontal stripes are actually slimming! That's why I wear them all the time :p xxx

  8. I LOVE that Berketex dress, such an unusual shape but it works so well on you. And yay, I'm so happy to see the top and scarf looking fab! It fits you perfectly and looks ace.

  9. Really i Love that your great outfit wear. All the pics are awesome and you looks fabulous.

  10. I really like the last dress and the greeny one! You look ace in both :) It's funny, that thing about stripes always goes through my mind too, but sod it, I love wearing stripes, and that Breton top is fab! X

  11. Some great finds! The second dress, the green one, looks great on you, especially in terms of colour.

    I know they say stripes can make you look bigger, but I'll never stop wearing them. I own far too many striped tops!
    Life’s Open Pages

  12. Ooof! LOVE LOVE these! That last dress looks magnificent! Like an elegant opera singer!

  13. That stripy top is a definite winner!

  14. Beautiful breton, you're wearing it well! And that maxi whatsit is gorgeous, glad you nabbed that!
    M x


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