Monday 16 March 2015

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Visiting - the library to pick up a reserved book, drop off some ones I'd finished with and as always, collect a few extras that caught my eye.
Baking - a blackberry and cinnamon cake (from this recipe) with some berries from the freezer that were stashed last September.
Blackberry and cinnamon cake
Blowing - a glass bauble. Our staff society at work organised a trip to Bath Aqua Glass with a glass blowing demonstration and an opportunity to blow your own.
Glass blowing
Safari-ing (can I get away with that?) - one of our groups of friends do an annual 'safari supper' where you to someone's house for a starter, swop around and go somewhere else for a mains and then all meet back at someone else's house for dessert. There was only eight of us this year so we all met up at the start and the end and just split into two groups of four for the main course. We did a main course at our house and cooked Cumberland Sausage Casserole in our slow cooker (with a huge amount of veg in it: turnips, carrots, onions, leek, celery and potatoes) and served it up with crusty bread. It's quite a fun thing to do although you do need a largish group to make it work properly. If you're doing a main, you also have to work out what you can safely leave cooking in the house while you go out for starters but on the other hand, it is a good chance to crack out the special crockery.
Attacking - the shower in our en-suite bathroom which hasn't worked for about 18 months. The basin started leaking and the mixer tap needed replacing but it was one of those things you knew was going to be a big job so got pushed to the bottom of the queue. The lorry shed, bedroom redecoration and central heating ended up being completed first but the shower was next up on the DIY to-do list so Andrew and his dad got in there and started pulling apart the tiles.
Shower refurb
Tidying - bits of the house, moving stuff from one place to another and doing all the general catching up on stuff that doesn't get done throughout the week.
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Blackberry and cinnamon sounds amazing.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. I've never heard of safari-ing before, what a fun idea! Oooh, glass blowing, I'd love to have a go at that. How did your bauble turn out?

  3. Mmm, looks like my sort of cake!

    The glass blowing sounds fun - how did it turn out?

  4. That glass blowing looks awesome fun - I've always enjoyed watching glass blowers at work! Fixing my basement sounds like fixing your bathroom, it's got to be done but it's such a hard task!

  5. I've never heard of safari-ing before but it sounds like fun. I'm booked in to do that glass blowing in the summer when I'm meeting up with a group of friends for a weekend in Bath.

  6. What a busy weekend! The glass blowing sounds like so much fun- I've always wanted to do it :) This weekend I mainly spent time with my family relaxing :) x

  7. A dinner safari sounds like so much fun! I really, really want to do one of those now :) And your cake looks delicious (as they always do). Seriously- when are you going to go on GBBO?! :) xxx

  8. Oooh, did you keep the glass bauble?!! Brilliant fun.x

  9. Oooh that cake sounds very tasty! I don't have any blackberries in the freezer but I do have some raspberries, so I might give it a go with that!


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