Sunday 8 March 2015

An A-Z of Me - S

A-Z of Me - S

Swimming - If you asked me what my favourite sport was, this'd be it. I loved being in the water as a child and did years of swimming lessons, not because I couldn't swim but because I really enjoyed it. When I was a teenager I moved onto lifeguarding lessons and always meant to take my National Pool Lifeguard Qualification but never got round to it. Just going up and down doing lengths is enough for me, I find it really calming and like having the time to have my own thoughts. I do like swimming outside as well, especially in lidos like the Jubilee Pool in Penzance or Greenbank Lido in Street, Somerset - they have the fun of an outdoor pool combined with the architecture and history!

Seaside - I know millions of people would say it, but I do like the seaside. Not just the sand, sea and sunshine bit of it but also the history, heritage and architecture. There's something magical about places which have seen so much social history and change, all of it geared towards entertainment and pleasure.

Steam Rallies - This is our summer hobby (the winter one is Somerset's Carnival season) and we take Andrew's 1952 vintage lorry to lots of them around the South West. They're great fun with millions of pounds of history on display and an excellent way to learn about all things steam-related (and get covered in soot along the way).

Sewing - I did Textiles as a subject for my GCSE's and managed to somehow pass with a B despite not going anywhere near a sewing machine. I had this irrational fear that one I'd sewn something it couldn't be changed and anyway, how would I stop myself sewing through my finger? It's completely silly though so back in 2012 I bought myself a sewing machine and taught myself to use it. I haven't quite made a whole piece of clothing (although I did make two kitchen aprons) but even more importantly, I haven't injured myself yet.

Scrapbooking - One hobby I'd really love to get into but like so many things, I don't have the time for it. I have heaps of tickets, receipts and photos and one day, maybe I'll get round to sticking them in an album in a pretty order.

School - I was one of those annoying people who really liked school. I hated having days off (I think I only had 2 days off in 5 years) because I really didn't like the fact that I'd miss something. Very luckily (and I'm incredibly thankful for it), I didn't get bullied, despite working in the school library and doing my homework on time. My only saving grace was that I swore like a trooper (when appropriate of course); knew all about sex and relationships (that was years of reading my grannie's 'Chat' and 'Woman' magazines) and because I was seen as a "good" girl, I was involved in quite a lot of teacher-type stuff, ended up hearing which teacher was going out with which and therefore had all the school gossip to share.

Soundtracks - I own a lot of these. Mostly musicals and TV programmes but there's quite a few where I know each line of every single song.

Stargazer Lilies - My favourite flower. If you want to win my heart, buy me a bunch of these.

Steampunk - Another interest of mine and Andrew's, although we don't get into it as much as a lot of other people. Obviously anything combining steam power, history and amazing outfits was going to be a winner with us. We did go to the Frome Steampunk Extravaganza a couple of years ago but haven't been since they increased the ticket price. At the moment I just read the occasional steampunk-themed book and listen to Abney Park rather a lot instead.

Spoons - My grandmother (on my dad's side) used to collect teaspoons and whenever my dad would go abroad with work, he'd always bring her back one from wherever he went. She passed away in 1993, when I was 10 and because I'd always found her collection fascinating, I ended up inheriting them. For a few years afterwards I collected them myself and always meant to display them somewhere when I had my own house. I haven't bought any for about 15 years and the only problem now is that even though I have my own house, putting on them out on display will tarnish them all. As a hobby, it's really not a very practical one!

Scotland - I was born up there although sadly I don't have the accent as we left when I was 18 months old. My parents (despite not actually being Scottish) love the place though and we spent every summer holiday for the next 16+ years touring round the place in a motorcaravan, plus a fair few half terms and even a few trips up to Aviemore in December to go sledging in the Cairngorms. I used to get fed up of going to the same places each year but having that knowledge did stand me in good stead for taking Andrew on a two week epic road trip back in 2009.

Singing - The one thing I really can't do, or at least, no-one's ever told me I *can* do it. Andrew puts me to shame though as he has an excellent voice!

What 'S' things sum you up?

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  1. This might be my favourite one so far! I'm definitely with you on the seaside one, I love reading about social and leisure history and get a bit overexcited every time I find a film at work where folk are holidaying somewhere familiar! Obviously I love Scotland too ;) and I can't get enough of singing in the car, I'm definitely too dreadful for people to want to hear me though.

  2. I love reading this series! You always manage to think up so many things for each letter. I'm quite tempted to look into trying this series out too, just for fun!

    You definitely sound like a friend I would liked at school. I always liked to hear about gossip haha


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