Monday 23 March 2015

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Spying - a glimpse of the solar eclipse on Friday morning. In Bath it was about 82% coverage and I nicked Andrew's welding helmet to take into work so I could view it safely. To begin with it was really cloudy but about 9.15am the clouds started to part and we everyone in my office had quite a good view.
2015 solar eclipse
Laughing - at comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Suzi Ruffell at a gig at Colston Hall in Bristol on Friday night. We'd seen Romesh briefly before (when he had a bit part in Seann Walsh's Edinburgh show back in 2013 - the one I even got a pic of) but not Suzi (although I had heard of her) - they were both good!
Colston Hall, The Lantern
Participating - in this month's Photo an Hour challenge. Round up to follow tomorrow J
Repairing - the shower in our en-suite bathroom. The mixer tap went wrong about 18 months ago and then Andrew discovered the base was leaking so he started taking it all apart last weekend. This weekend he splashed out on a new shower and got started installing it. At one point there was rather a lot of expletives coming from our bedroom but by the end of the day it did all seem to work properly.
Repairing the shower
Sorting - lots of clothes from my wardrobe. An ongoing task really.
Watching - Houdini, a programme that was screened last September and we've only now got round to watching it. It was actually really good, I mean I know it's not all fact and a lot of the story was embellished but still, great music and very good performances.
Houdini TV programme

What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Haha when Joe gets onto one of his DIY sessions, I hear so many random words and bangs and crashes, always feel like I have to supervise him! Can't wait to see your photo an hour round up tomorrow and check out everyone who joined in!

  2. I've been sorting my wardrobe too, 6 bags to the charity shops! I had stuff lurking in there from when I was in college!

  3. I really need to sort out my wardrobe - I've been putting it for months but it's getting the point where I can't actually find what I'm looking for anymore! I think I need to find some spring cleaning inspiration!


  4. Very jealous of how good your view of the eclipse was.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  5. Good to see, that you saw about as much of the eclipse as we did haha!

    Looking forward to reading your photo-an-hour recap tomorrow (now today haha), mines a bit late this week but will be up on Thursday :) I need to remember to write the post up on Sunday for Monday, but time got away from me this weekend!


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