Friday 2 January 2015

That Was The Year Duck...

So in the age-old tradition (you know, the one I started on 'ere last year) of rounding up the previous year, 2014 was the year Duck...

Somerset flooding
...shared the blog love with some excellent ones to watch in 2014
...met up with Lily and SJ for a blogger beauty-themed day out in Bristol
...managed to stay afloat amidst all the Somerset flooding
...jumped on the ubiquitous 100 Happy Days bandwagon
...bought far too many dresses from Joe Browns


Ducks at Poole Park

...spent most of the month travelling to and from Bristol Royal Infirmary to visit Andrew's dad who ruptured his oesophagus in January
...shared an A-Z of Books
...dug out her school leaving book from 1999 to see what people thought of her
...looked back at 1998 and compared it to 2014
...met some ducks down at Poole Park


Duck's brother

...defended Spam to the world
...raised awareness of Down's Syndrome Awareness Week
...felt very old having a day out at a garden centre
...celebrated her first blog birthday by listing why she's a bad blogger
...revealed that her first round of IVF treatment wasn't successful and shared what it was like to go through it


Ice creams at Rhosneigr, Anglesey

...told everyone which comedians they should go and see
...did a photo an hour challenge on Easter Saturday
...visited Cob Records in Porthmadog in celebration of Record Store Day
...defended the humble breadmaker
...completed the 100 Happy Days challenge (and discovered that happiness mostly revolves around food)


Kitchen room tour

...shared what she'd do if she won the lottery
...did her first room tour (around the kitchen)
...explained why Andrew was wearing face paint the first night she met him
...told a tale of a small girl in a big city
...completed Rosalilium's Blog Every Day in May challenge for 2014


Glastonbury Festival

...started an A-Z of Me series
...met lots of lovely girlies at the South West Blog Social in Exeter 4 and half hours sleep over one weekend working at Glastonbury Festival
...met the awesome lady that is Katie (from Hook Line and Sink Her) on a photo an hour challenge day
...shared the news that her second round of IVF treatment didn't succeed and started an Up Adventure Book


Weymouth Harbour

...pulled off a surprise 70th birthday party for her mother-in-law
...had an excellent day in the sun in Weymouth
...spent the day playing an 1896 fairground organ on a photo an hour challenge day
...visited the Dig for Victory show
...signed up to be an organ donor during National Transplant Week


Sheep at Mid Somerset House

...saw heaps and heaps of shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival sand in her eyes at Weston Super Mare Sand Sculpture Festival
...wandered round the Mid Somerset Show spotting lots of sheep, ducks and cheese
...stomped through lots of mud at Great Dorset Steam Fair
...watched Andrew help fix vehicles and rides at Carter's Steam Fair


Learning to walk on crutches

...fell in love with Kneehigh Theatre's latest show
...spent a sunny weekend in Cornwall
...pulled off a mystery tour for father-in-law's 74th birthday on a photo an hour challenge day
...visited some trains and ate some cake at Didcot Railway Centre
...fell off her doorstep and broke her ankle in spectacular fashion resulting in two broken bones, dislocation, four days in hospital, a operation, 3 and half months off work, three screws and a metal plate.


Gooey hot chocolate

...judged a Carnival procession whilst her ankle was in plaster
...learnt to knit by making some decorations for her crutches
...knitted a scarf
...visited the West Somerset Railway in her wheelchair and discovered the most amazing hot chocolate
...had her plaster cast removed and made a start towards learning to walk again


Fairground wedding

...celebrated a fairground wedding with Paul Daniels as the evening entertainment
...met David Mitchell
...had an epic road trip to Maidenhead, Bristol and Weston Super Mare
...reminisced over the 1990s
...explained the difference between carousels and gallopers


Somerset House ice skating

...knitted herself an advent calendar
...celebrated her in-law's 50th wedding anniversary
...turned 32 with a trip to London
...revisited her 32 Before 32 list and realised she hadn't done too badly after all
...and finally, got rid of her crutches and went back to just her own two flippers!

Here's to a slightly less eventful 2015, a year which hopefully won't feature hospitals quite so much - at least, not in any bad way!


  1. Great post - I hope 2015 is just as good.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Well hasn''t she done well!!!X

  3. I was admiring that hot chocolate, then realised you got it in Minehead! I was in Sally's on Tuesday (I went home for Christmas...) Got a bit over excited by this, it's not often that West Somerset is mentioned on the blogosphere! x

  4. Happy New Year! I hope 2015 brings you a healed ankle and lots more adventures x


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