Wednesday 28 January 2015

Here Is The News #30

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

One I forgot to include last week, Sarah's been putting together these awesome photobooks for the last few years. I love this idea and it's something I'm fully intending on pilfering and doing myself.

If you're in or around the Cardiff area on 7th Feb, join Gemma and hundreds of other people for a mass 'read in' protest to try and save Cardiff's library service. If you're not in the area, visit your own local library anyway as 7th Feb happens to be National Libraries Day.

Annie had a brilliantly sunny weekend in Dorset (and I love the sound of the Hive Beach Café!)

Lou visited Edinburgh Zoo, somewhere I haven't been for almost 20 years but I'm dragging Andrew there this August for a trip to see the penguins and pandas.

How gorgeous is this picture of Michelle? (and despite what she says, I've met her and she is cool and sophisticated)

Leona wrote a very honest post all about her first smear test experience - something very important that all us ladies should make sure we have.

You can sign up for a free beginners online course in crochet with Kate - I have 'learn to crochet' on my 33 before 33 list so I'm doing this for sure.

And Danielle is hosting what must be the best giveaway ever - mainly because of how you have to enter! It'll certainly make you put your thinking caps on, I haven't done my entry yet as I'm still choosing what to do.

Food Porn

For a taste of summer how about Izzy's Strawberry, Lemon and Blood Orange Pancakes?

For snackage, try Rosie's Dark Chocolate-dipped Lemon Shortbread and Clare's Key Lime Meringue Brownies - both look delicious!

And three dinners I want to try - Gemma's Smoked Paprika and Red Onion Chicken, Debs' Creamy Chicken Pasta and Kerri's Hungarian Style Chicken (I didn't actually realise until I wrote this post that they're all chicken based!)


Interesting Info

The National Fish and Chip awards were announced the other day and here's a list of the winners (plus some battered fish porn). I'm off now to organise my holiday to the Shetland Isles...

This handy flowchart will tell you if you need to and also how to credit photos accurately.

The BBC looked at the Kodak Brownie camera and shared some vintage snaps that readers had sent in.

James Wallman's book, Stuffocation is on my 'to read' list so it was interesting to see him interviewed all about the hazards of having too much stuff.

How smart do you think you are? Here's 20 jokes that apparently only "very smart people" will get.

Blogs I've followed this week...

What's new with you?


  1. Great round up - I'll make sure I check out some of the recommended blogs.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Lady your round ups are just getting better and better! And once again I've found some brilliant new blogs to get my teeth into.
    Merci beaucoup!
    M x

  3. Your so good at this! You must spend hours trawling blogland and the net.xx

  4. I really enjoy these round up posts - there are always interesting links and blog posts to catch up with! - Tasha

  5. Oooh thank you for the mentions! And some great new blogs to check out!

  6. Ah, just seen this, thank you for the mention :) Elise's blog list has been ace, sooo many cool new blogs to read!

  7. Can't wait to get back to Edinburgh Zoo at some point! Maybe we'll be able to take a trip up for Jake's birthday at the end of this month...!
    Love checking out all these links and have followed a new blog :D



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