Wednesday 14 January 2015

Here Is The News #28

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Congratulations to Jenny and her boy who popped the question the other weekend - lovely news!

I guarantee you'll be left with a huge smile after reading all about the adventures of Tonaaay the Magical Dressage Ponaaay (don't ask, just click over and take a gander). Plus it's Sophie's birthday tomorrow so if you fancy popping over to Twitter and wishing her a grand old day, I'm sure she'll be very happy!

Elise looks very swish in her new frock, one that's not just any old frock but one she's adapted to look even better than before (she has far more patience than me!)

This post about abortion by Janet is beautifully written and on a very important subject. Although it's not something which has ever affected me, I completely agree that (along with infertility and miscarriage) abortion is something we should never stigmatise another woman for.
Exciting Events

I'm late to the party with this one but over the winter the Eden Project hold a series of weekends where locals and people working in certain professions can get in for free. This weekend for example it's Cornish and Devonian teachers and teaching assistants, Plymouth City Council staff, Cornish and Devonian youth groups and volunteers and St Austell Brewery staff. I clearly don't fit into any of the groups listed (although I have family who do) but even so, what a fabulous idea!

Saturday is the very first photo an hour challenge for 2015. I'll be uploading my photos to Instagram all day using the hashtag #photoanhour, I know Jane will be joining in and hopefully lots of other people will too. If you've ever wanted to take part, why not give it a go this month? It really doesn't matter how boring you think you day is (I've taken pictures of paint before), it's usually interesting to other people and if nothing else, it'll give you content for a blog post next week. :-)

Interesting Info
I spotted this earlier in the week - a very useful social media image size cheat sheet for 2015 (bit of a mouthful of a title though).
Architecture, railways and history in this article about England's forgotten railway stations - all of which are right up our street.
How's this for a cool job? Doing the annual animal stocktake at Chester Zoo!
And it's been all over t'interweb already but a huge well done definitely needs to go to James Timpson for providing free dry cleaning to jobseekers.
Winter Warmer Food
Sophie's Brummie Bacon Cakes look delicious!
In Elizabeth's Sweet Potato Hash, we have potatoes, sausages and eggs - always a winning combination in our house.
And Sarah has plenty of advice on how to lighten up recipes without losing the flavour.

Blogs I've followed this week...

What's new with you?


  1. I like the sound of the railway stations! We discovered a wonderful cafe in Northumberland called the Garden Station Cafe which is set in the old disused Langley station near Hexham. We bought my MiL lunch for 4 friends there for Christmas. The old Alston line from Haltwhistle to Allendale is also a brilliant walk nowadays!x

  2. I'm going to try soo hard to take part in a photo an hour this month, I've never done it before, it means I'll have to take my camera to work with me and sneakily take photos, and even though I'll be taking a photo an hour I won't be able to post them as I take them, cos my phone doesn't do photos! But I'm going to give it a go anyway!

  3. I'm on the list! Yay! I love seeing what blogs you've followed, it helps me find fun new read too :)

  4. I'm attempting the photo an hour challenge...wish me luck.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. It feels like it's been an age since I dropped by this little space so hello!!
    Your news posts always leave me with a smile and something new to explore so thank you!
    And Tonaaaaaay is already a (plastic) legend in his own lifetime.
    M x

  6. Hi I'm hopefully going to do photo an hour too, but with my camera as we are off to a holiday cottage tomorrow and I don't think there will any signal. I might enjoy the social media break! Looks like you will have a fair few people joining in. Xx

  7. Looking forward to having a read of the forgotten railway station link (thank you!) also looking forward to joining in the first photo an hour of 2015!

  8. Thanks for the link. I was extremely nervous about posting that piece but am glad I did - have had so much lovely feedback.

  9. Looking forward to a photo an hour on Saturday! I think I even have a few plans... other than going to the supermarket!


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