Sunday 18 January 2015

An A-Z of Me - P

A-Z of Me - P

PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for those who don't know (which I assume you all do, you're all intelligent people). I have it and it's part of the reason we've had IVF, having PCOS and not actually ovulating an egg makes it pretty hard to fall pregnant naturally. I've got a selection of delightful symptoms and although it can be crappy (still getting spots at the age of 32 isn't great), that's life and you just have to make the best of it.

Piercings - I have nothing, not even my ears. People think I'm weird when they realise I don't even have them done but my mum just never took me to get them pierced and then when I was older I was used to it and couldn't really be bothered. Andrew complained when he met me though, it meant one whole avenue of potential birthday and Christmas presents had disappeared!

Passports - Technically both me and Andrew don't have one. At least, we have ones which expired in 2009 and just never renewed them. They're expensive nowadays, aren't they? We're happy holidaying in the UK and Ireland for the moment and if there ever comes a time where we have enough money to go abroad, then we'll probably also have enough money to afford a new passport each.

Pilton - aka. Glastonbury Festival to everyone else outside Somerset and Pilton to us locals. If you've ever been, you know those stewards you see everywhere? Well, that's us - Carnival club members, local school PTA's, local football clubs and lots of other local clubs and associations. The radio headquarters are manned by a Carnival club, litter picking is done by a Carnival club and even the fire doors backstage of the Pyramid Stage are manned by a Carnival club. There's lots of us who work in Pilton village as well and that's what I do with the club I'm a member of (you can see an example of my day working there by clicking here). We do three 8 hour shifts each and in return get a ticket to the festival plus the club gets a large cheque to put towards building their float. I've been every year since I joined my club in 2004 and I love it. However, part of the reason I love it is that I can be watching the bands onstage and still be home in 30-45 minutes, home to a fresh bed, fully working toilet and proper food. I don't think I'd love it half as much if I had to camp onsite!

What 'P' things sum you up?

For the rest of the alphabet click here!

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  1. I'm toying with the idea of doing an A to Z of me... but I can't decide whether to split it over multiple posts like this or do one big A to Z with one word for each.

    P's for me... Stealing yours Piercings: I have quite a few and have had quite a few more, Passports: i've got one :)
    I can also add PhD : working on it
    Pasta : One of my favourite foods haha


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