Wednesday 21 January 2015

Here Is The News #29

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Beccy's put together two excellent posts in the form of lists - more things it's acceptable to do and the thoughts we all have whilst reading Facebook (or Faceache as it's more accurately described).

Rachel has some excellent tips for living with someone and I'd completely agree with her that it's all about compromise in the end.

Do you need a wardrobe declutter? SJ has five easy tips to help you on your way.

Jane wrote a letter to the brilliant author (and distant relative of mine - but that's another story), Shirley Hughes and actually received a proper reply back!

Food porn this week includes Michelle's Blackberry and Apple Crumble (a proper winter warmer if ever I saw one) and Laura's Toblerone Shortbread Cookies (I'm working on the other half to give me his bar so I can make them, so far though he's not playing ball).

Jenny knitted these adorable owl hats and she's even included her pattern (I keep wanting to say recipe for some inexplicable reason) so we can all have a go. Once I get to a wool shop, I'm making this my next project.

And finally, look at Chelsea's book proposal! Isn't it fabulous? She's going to ace her degree, I'm sure of it.

Exciting Events

The world's first ever National Readathon Day is taking place this Saturday with the hashtag #timetoread - basically just do what it says on the tin and curl up with a good book this weekend!

Interesting Info

One TV series I'd thoroughly recommend is Hinterland, a sort of crime noir set in and around Aberystwyth. The characters slip easily between English and Welsh (with English subtitles) and the storylines are pretty dramatic. The first series was shown buried late at night on BBC4 last year but they're repeating it from this Saturday on BBC2 Wales (which apparently you can get in the rest of the UK on Sky or Freesat channel 971. If you're like me and only have Freeview, there's always trusty old iPlayer). I do like Aberystwyth so I'm kind of biased but even so, it's definitely worth watching.

We visited Churchill's War Rooms just before Christmas so these old pictures are really interesting.

You've probably all seen (or heard about) the 'This Girl Can' campaign by now. I've spotted quite a few differing viewpoints - Siobhan loves it, Miss Smidge isn't quite so keen and some academics at my workplace have put together a rather controversial take on it. I can't make my mind up; on the one hand I think the general aim of it is fab; on the other hand there's lots of things they haven't really addressed in the advert (the age range of ladies featured, the negative connotations of the wording, far too much reliance on paid-for exercise (instead of being more active within everyday life), and the fact that it doesn't tell you how to overcome that fear of being judged). Personally it doesn't motivate me to get out there (yes, it may be okay to jiggle and sweat like a pig but it doesn't mean I want to) but if it encourages some people, then that's great.

If you're struggling to come up with blog post titles this title generator might give you some ideas (or just leave you wondering what on earth some of them are supposed to mean).

I'm not a huge fan of Hugh Grant but fair play to him for volunteering his time and working alongside a theatre company for people with learning disabilities.

And thanks to Rachael and Michelle, most of my office managed to waste 15 minutes of work time all working out what our penguin names would be - mine's Honkers von Peckington :-)


Blogs I've followed this week...

What's your penguin name? :-)


  1. I spent an inordinate amount of time on penguin names today. Shameful.
    And I always discover the best posts through your round up so thank you for that m'lady. Anything involving Toblerone is an instant winner!
    M x

  2. Oh thank you so much for involving my proposal - I wish you were marking me! haha :) I recently followed Fall For DIY too, 2015 will be the year to be crafty! xxx

  3. I often say crochet/knitting recipe, I think it rolls of the tongue more easily. Thankfully most of my friends and family know what I mean!

  4. Oh thank you for the little shout-out! I love the idea of 'Faceache' - brilliant!

  5. Penguin name hunting was a worthy time wasting mission I find! Glad you enjoyed it :)


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