Monday 30 June 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Working - at Glastonbury Festival all weekend stewarding a lane and farm in Pilton village to help raise funds for our Carnival club.
Glastonbury Festival staff ticket
Spotting - wildlife and rainbows. Between the 30 or so of us working, we also managed to create a 'nature table' - the things you do to make the time pass quickly!
Rainbow over Pilton

Wildlife in Pilton village

Nature Table
Yawning - during our shifts, 8am to 4pm on Friday and then two overnight shifts Saturday into Sunday and Sunday into Monday from 12am to 8am. Trying to go into the show as well though meant that we got a total of 4 and half hours sleep over a 48 hour period.
Dancing - to lots of bands; Goldfrapp, Public Service Broadcasting and Kasabian were particularly brilliant!
Kasabian at Glastonbury Festival

The Black Keys at Glastonbury Festival
Dodging - the torrential rain and thunderstorms and enjoying the sun when it shone!
Relaxing at Glastonbury Festival
Walking - I don't know how many miles! Our little lane in Pilton village is about a 2 mile round trip and we have to walk up and down it for each 8 hour shift plus the show site is not exactly small so I reckon we certainly must've got some exercise over the last few days.
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. It was a good'un wasn't it?! I got very sunburnt :(

    1. It was good! I looked out for you and for SJ but as usual, there was so many people there, it's impossible to spot anyone! :-) xx

  2. That's a pretty impressive sleep-free weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun :) xxx

    1. It was great fun - although I'm glad it's only once a year! :-) xxx

  3. What a weekend!! I'd be sleeping for a week solid after that! (And what a huuuuuge slug that was!)

    1. Ah no I was back to work on Tuesday morning (although I think the amount of 'work' that was actually done that day was fairly minimal!) :-) xx


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