Tuesday 17 June 2014

32 Before 32 - Six Months Left

Back in June last year I put together the typical bloggers list of a certain amount of things to do before a certain age. I went for 32 (even though that’s this years birthday) mainly because if I’d gone for 31, it would’ve only given me 6 months – and 32 (or even 31) things is rather a lot to complete in a short space of time!

But here we are, one year on and with only 6 months til I turn 32 (just writing that feels old) and how many things have I ticked off? Umm…only a handful.

32 before 32 - am I on track?

Here’s a recap…

1. Go to a bloggers event and learn from other inspirational bloggers
(I had an amazing day at Rosalilium's Blognix event - full review here)

2. Swim in The Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe
(Umm, nope and I'm not sure when I'm going to fit that in)

3. Make a really cool 1950's style Christmas dress
(I have a pattern and some fabric, I just need to get started with the chopping and stitching now)

4. Discover a random show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
(Not actually ticked off yet but I have left some space in this years Edinburgh itinerary so who knows what we'll find!)

5. Learn to knit
(Nope, not anywhere near, I don't even own a needle yet)

6. Walk up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh
(Still a no, we never seem to have time!)

7. Go to a swishing event
(me and my lovely friend M went to an event in Warminster in October 2013 - pictures here and here)

8. Do some more work on my family history
(Haven't done much for a few years but I am hoping to order some war records for my grandfather and great-grandfather)

9. Have a bonfire night/fireworks party
(Didn't manage it last year so that'll have to be something to do this year)

10. Visit Arnos Vale Cemetary
(We did visit briefly last summer when we went Gromit-hunting, I took a few photos but I'd love to go back and take some proper ones)

11. Give my wardrobe an overhaul
(Yay - this might actually happen! Our wardrobes are ordered and if we ever manage to assemble them, then my clothes are going to get a good sort out when I move them from one place to another)

12. Take the plunge and dye my hair a coppery colour
(Still working up the courage to do this one)

13. Complete the NHS Couch to 5K programme
(Well, we got as far as week 3 and then it got dark. And cold. And rainy. Probably need to start it up again really)

14. Start digitalising our huge CD collection
(I've made a start on this in readiness for our new CD and DVD cabinet arriving in July. Hopefully I'll get it finished soon)

15. Practice driving Andrew's lorry
(I did do it a bit last summer but not actually on the main road - Andrew doesn't quite trust me yet!)

16. Have some summer BBQs with friends in our back garden
(We have the garden, just need the sunny weather, some burgers and possibly some friends now...)

17. Make a christmas pudding from scratch
(I'm gonna give it a go this autumn)

18. Go to London and watch Matilda the Musical again
(Yep, tickets booked for my birthday in December!)

19. Plan an amazing party for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary in December 2014
(We haven't done much on this really, mainly because we've been busy planning something else)

20. Plan, package and post some pretty letters
(I joined Miss Beatrix's Post Circle and sent off some bloggy gift swaps - a Summer Gift Swap, a Secret Santa Swap, A Thrifty Christmas Gift Swap and a couple of Blogger Book Swaps)

21.Make some bunting for my conservatory
(Not yet, but I do have the fabric ready once we've painted our conservatory)

22. Finish all my half-started mending and sewing projects
(Nope, not even close)

23. Attend the second study school of my postgraduate degree
(Done - I had a week studying and partying in Aberystwyth in September 2013. My top tips for distance learning can be found here.)

24. Make time to go on some dates with my amazing husband
(Well, we've been to lots of comedy shows if that counts as a date?)

25. Explore the cycle paths around our area
(No, we have the bikes but not the time)

26. Re-upholster my Great Aunt's wicker chair and wicker storage box
(Getting there, I bought some fabric in February, now I just need to clean them and actually get round to putting the fabric on)

27. Carry on with my long-running 2002 Golden Jubilee cross stitch sampler
(Zilch done on this)

28. Take a picnic to Chew Valley Lake and share an afternoon with the ducks
(Haven't gone there yet but there's still time)

29. Go to Library Camp Bristol and spend a day with fellow library enthusiasts
(I had a really cool day at Library Camp SW in July 2013 - full review here)

30. Raise money for a good cause by taking part in the Marie Curie Cancer Care Ladies Driving Challenge
(This one isn't going to happen because it seems Marie Curie stopped running the event last year. I did raise over £200 for Save the Children on my birthday last year selling cakes for their Charity Christmas Jumper Day so I think that counts)

31. Learn to ice skate properly (instead of hovering near the handrail)
(Nope, but I am planning to go to Somerset House in London for a session at Christmas. This aim would be so much easier if the ice rink in Bristol hadn't closed down!)

32. Walk up to the Stone Circle at Glastonbury Festival for an spectacular view of the show
(Glastonbury Festival 2013 I walked up to the Stone Circle, unfortunately a large amount of the view is obscured by trees! Pictures here)

I do have plans to tick off a few more over the next few months but I have a funny feeling that a large proportion of them will end up being carried over into a ’33 before 33’ list…



  1. Not bad progress for such a busy lady!
    I'd just like to say that I'm available for burger munching; blogger BBQ anyone?
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Ooh, that would be such a good idea! I'm quite happy to volunteer my back garden and BBQ if yourself, Angela and anyone else fancies popping round? :-) xx


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