Sunday 22 June 2014

52 Lists - Things You Want or Need To Let Go Of

This week, things you want or need to let go of.
52 Lists - Things You Need to Let Go Of
Well, quite literally...
Another six bags of shredded paper
An assortment of scrap metal and old radiators currently sat in the garden
Various broken things which can't be recycled or upcycled
A sofa with dodgy springs
Probably half my wardrobe of clothes I don't get round to wearing
Lots of bad digital photos
(the blurred ones, the one with someone's hand in the way, the unflattering ones, etc, etc)
Three bags of stuff that've been waiting for their trip to the charity shop for 2 months
An large cabinet, a CD rack and a display stand (again, waiting to be taken to the charity shop)
An 1970s back boiler in our living room, still fitted in the fireplace, even though it hasn't worked since 24th December 2012 and was condemned a couple of days later
What things do you want or need to let go of?
(either literally or metaphorically!)

This post is part of Ema's (Made in Hunters) 52 Lists Project
For a full list of all the other lovely bloggy people taking part, visit Scarlett's site (WorkRestPlayLove) for a nosy!


  1. We have three boxes of electrical crap sitting in the dining room which Tom hoarded in the loft for years, we took to a car boot (but they didn't sell), couldn't give to a charity shop, but don't want to just throw away... I've got a few other bits and pieces around which have been through a similar rigmarole plus ebay. It would be so much easier to take them all to the tip but it just feels so wasteful. It's certainly discouraged me from being so flippant about buying unnecessary things in future and I'm hoping I'll bring home less tat :) xxx

    1. I know, it's such a shame when things can't be recycled or reused. We're always amazed at the amount of things people chuck out in our local tip, surely some of it could be reused somehow!? :-) xxx


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