Sunday 15 June 2014

The Wrong Way to Buy a Sofa

So as you might have guessed, we’ve bought a new sofa and some new wardrobes! We kind of did it the wrong way round though – last year we spotted the perfect sofa in Ikea and popped into Bristol to check it out, concluding that it was pretty good. We also sat on a few others and found a second choice sofa (just in case the first one didn’t fit or we changed our mind). Then life happened, Andrew’s dad got ill, we had IVF treatment and before you know it, six months had passed.
So a few weeks ago we measured up the living room again ready to actually purchase the thing and then concluded that our first choice wouldn’t really fit. So second choice it was then (a sofa and a chair) and we tapped our card details into Ikea’s website all set for delivery on 2nd July.

Ikea Ektorp Sofa
 Source: Ikea

Only thing is, the day after we’d made the payment, Andrew decided that perhaps we should go back and sit on our second choice again “just to make sure”. I did point out that perhaps he should’ve thought of that before we spent all the money but hey ho, men, eh…

So last week we had an evening trip out to Bristol’s Ikea store to bouce up and down on a sofa (with a huge sigh of relief from me when he said it was okay). Obviously because it’s Ikea, I managed to pick up a few other little things along the way…

Ikea Goodies

Plasters for 80p (Ikea Family price) – I spotted these over on Katie’s blog and they are pretty fabulous. It’s not very often I need a plaster but on the odd occasion that I do, these are brilliant.
Ikea amazing plasters

Silicon Loaf Tray for £6 – I already have a small silicon loaf tray but a lot of my recipes make too much mixture and I could really do with a larger one (or at least that’s the excuse I told Andrew).

Floral Boxes for £6 (for 2 boxes) – Now there was a genuine reason for buying these. We used to keep all our wedding bits and pieces in the loft but after 7 years, some of it’s started to go a bit cold and damp. I really don’t want it going mouldy and it could do with a good sort out so we thought these boxes would fit the bill and then we can keep them on display in one of our spare rooms.

Pingla Box from Ikea
 Source: Ikea

Napkin Holder – Well, who doesn’t need one of these? Especially one that’s as pretty as this one. All I need now is some friends to actually have some dinner parties with!
Ikea Napkin holder

Delivery is £35 regardless of how much you buy, so we also chucked in the new wardrobes we wanted and a cabinet for the living room. Our house has four bedrooms, one of them is ensuite but has no built in furniture – when we moved in, we took the room with the already built in wardrobes with the long term plan to buy wardrobes for ensuite room and move in there. Four and half years down the line and we still haven’t moved into the other room. I still don’t know when we’re going to actually build the things though as the room really could do with redecorating first but at least we’ll have them bought. That’s one step closer at least.

At some point, probably in about 3 years time, I might actually be able to do a room tour of our lovely new bedroom!


  1. I do love the random bits you can pick up at Ikea especially this napkin holder (but I'd never EVER use one!) Cracking sofa too, great colour.
    M x

    1. It was so pretty I had to buy it! I have been trying to make a concerted effort to us it though; I made sure to stick it on the table at a family BBQ the other week! :-) xx

  2. I didn't even see this post before now, boo me! I love Ikea! We also visit just for the 'grabs' as we call it, we never need any big furniture (most of the time) but just like to pop in and look at the accesoires and grab some along the way. Relatively good quality for a good price, why not?

    1. Absolutely! I usually come away with far too many things though - there's just so much good stuff to grab! :-) xx

  3. I love pottering around the marketplace in IKEA. So many cheap bits and bobs that look nice. Their delivery men are also very nice and will happily take huge boxes upstairs for you!

    1. I didn't get to meet the men, Andrew had the day off work for the delivery but apparently they were very nice! I love looking round all the stuff as well but I have to look quite fast as Andrew gets bored very quickly! :-) xx


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