Wednesday 12 March 2014

The Midweek Hop - Puff Puff

The other half's guest post - three music videos on a theme...
(inspired by Desmond Carrington's 'The Music Goes Round')

'Ami E 120' 1953 Jukebox
'Ami E 120' 1953 Jukebox
This weeks theme is...Puff Puff
Inspired by No Smoking Day (today, 12th March)
I'm sure it's pretty much a no-brainer that smoking is bad for you, we all know that, but if yourself or any you know wants any help to stop, there's plenty of resources available on the British Heart Foundation's No Smoking Day site.

1. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by The Platters

A very accurate song if you're standing behind a steam engine...
'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' entered the chart on 16th January 1959 reaching Number 1.

2. Smokey Joe's Cafe by The Robins

An early hit by The Robins, two of which later went on to become The Coasters.
'Smokey Joe's Cafe' entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in October 1955.

3. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple

A dad rock classic!
'Smoke On The Water' entered the chart on 16th April 1977 reaching Number 21.
Happy listening!

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