Saturday 1 March 2014

100 Happy Days #5

The fifth instalment of my attempt to catalogue 100 Happy Days... :-)
Thursday 20th February

This was the amount of Christmas chocolate I still had to eat!
 (the Thorntons chocolates and Maltesers have been munched now though...)

Friday 21st February

Lasagne, Chips and Garlic Bread
Dinner that night was simply delicious carb on carb on carb :-)

Saturday 22nd February

Domino's Pizza meal deal special that night - completely unhealthy but it was a Saturday after all...

Sunday 23rd February

Russell Howard Tickets
A day out in Dorset culminated in a fab show by Russell Howard at Bournemouth International Centre!

Monday 24th February
Last of the Maltesers being snaffled...

Tuesday 25th February

In mother-in-law's garden, the crocuses are looking lovely.

Wednesday 26th February

A random hug is always a happy thing (although this picture does look a bit dodgy...)

Thursday 27th February

Andrew bought me some flowers that evening - wonder what he wants?

Friday 28th February

Radio 4's Any Questions
We must be getting old, sat in the audience for a live show of Radio 4's Any Questions.

Saturday 1st March
Style at Home Magazine
The latest copy of Style at Home magazine popped through the letterbox this morning - complete with far too many tempting things to buy!
Having now completed 50 days of my 100 Happy Days challenge, I'm well aware of how many of the pictures seem to contain food!
Anyway, previous instalments can be found here...


  1. So much food, nomnomnom. And Russell Howard, oh that would have been amazing!

    ~ K

    1. He's so good! We we're crying with laughter throughout pretty much the whole show! :-) x

  2. So jealous of the spring bulbs - everything here is still covered in so much snow!

    1. Although spring bulbs just poking out through the snow can also be very pretty! :-) xx

  3. Food is the root of all joy, that's an absolute scientific fact.
    Those flowers are the most beautiful colours. Happy happy happy!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Haha, thanks Michelle! I have realised that rather too many of my happy days seem to contain food - I have been trying to find other things to photograph but yep, it usually comes back to food! :-) xx


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