Monday, 31 March 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...
Holidaying - in a little 'Camping Pod' (for which, read 'shed') on a campsite at Blue Anchor near Minehead.
We usually head to that area of the country this weekend because the West Somerset Railway (the longest preserved railway line in the UK, don'cha know) has a Spring Steam Gala festival with lots of special engines and stalls.

Ravingham Hall at West Somerset Railway
Almost every other year we've just gone down for the day but last November I decided to buy Andrew a weekend away as his Christmas present and the holiday park we stayed at was somewhere his grandparents used to stay 20-30 years ago.

Camping pods at Blue Anchor

Stumbling - upon some of my favourite crockery (Scania by French manufacturer Arcopal) in a charity shop. Apparently they only arrived in the shop on Saturday morning and we nabbed them Saturday afternoon! I also spotted some vintage (well probably 80s so possibly more retro than vintage) dresses around the shops as well.

Scania crockery and vintage dresses

Enjoying - the sunny weather.
We were actually stood around on the station platforms with no coat - that's pretty amazing!

Sunshine at Blue Anchor towards Minehead

Messing - around with the vintage signs on the station platforms. Whaddya think? :-)
Andrew in front of a vintage Pratt's sign

What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Teehee- love the sign! I have a great photo of me and some school friends clutching our bellies and laughing by a petrol station sign saying "got gas". I've stayed in one of those shed pods before too- it was fun although wouldn't do it again during the depths of winter! Xxx

    1. Haha, those signs do sound cool - I know we would've done exactly the same when I was a young as well! :-) xxx

  2. oooh i would love to stay in a camping pod.And you got sunshine too.:)

    1. I know, we were fully expecting it to be wet and windy! The warmth and sunshine was definitely an added bonus :-) x

  3. Oh I have such a love for trains (like we have an huge closet full of model rail road stuff once we get up and running in a house to play with) have you ever been on the North Yorkshire Railway? Well worth a visit!

    1. Ooh no, we haven't visited that one - it's on our list though. We last had a holiday in Yorkshire back in 2008 so I think we're well overdue for another one!
      And I know what mean about model railway stuff - we have a loft full of boxes of bits that Andrew had as a kid! :-) x


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