Monday 7 October 2013

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Laughing - at funnyman Andrew Lawrence at Komedia in Bath. It was the second time we've seen him and he was just as good as the first. He talks to the crowd a lot and the whole show rambles from one thing to another but he's great fun and well worth seeing if he's anywhere near you.

Komedia Bath

Watching - this week was Gillingham (in Dorset, not the one in Kent) Carnival. It was a lovely warm night and one of the charity shops in the high street was selling tea, coffee, soup and delicious homemade cakes.

Gillingham Carnival

Decorating - more building work, more trips to B&Q and Wickes, more mess upstairs...

Sorting - out my wardrobe, giving my clothes a bit of a spring (autumn?) clean.
Me and my lovely friend M are off to Jen's (My Make Do and Mend Year) swishing event in Warminster a week Friday so I've now got several things put aside to take along!

Collecting - my latest purchase from Asda. A bra and pants set with fairground rides on!
Is that taking my love of fairgrounds a bit too far, do you think?

Fairground Bra

What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. That cake looks amazing! Feeling hungry now :)

    1. Ahh sorry about that! It was very tasty cake :-) x

  2. love the carnival underwear - carousels make everything better! And that cake looks EPIC xx

    1. The cake was good, they were huge slabs of sponge and the shop was only charging 75p for a slice (I did give them some extra change though). :-) x

  3. Oooh fairground knickers are a winner! Love those :o)
    We had a sad old weekend with poorly pups and poorly husbands, boo! It can only get better though!
    M x

    1. Oh no! There seems to be a lot of it going around, we've got several people off work at the mo with "freshers flu" (even the staff get it!). Hope you all feel better soon x

  4. The fairground undies remind me of the Moulin Rouge...Now I have a very different mental image of Somerset's carnivals!

    1. Haha! Well Moulin Rouge and Burlesque have both been done in Carnival over the last 10 years :-)
      The skimpiest outfits I've ever worn were a very short (backside on view) aztec warrior dress and another year, a very short (at the front) flamenco dress. The one "mustn't forget" item for performing at a Carnival is a pair of bikini shorts to cover your modesty! :-) x


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