Tuesday 22 October 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Last week was a week where I was literally out every night - if you include the weekends, I was busy every day for 9 days. It's not that it's planned that way, it's just that things seem to crop up all at the same time!
Here's a rundown of what my week contained...
Saturday 12th October - eating a cream tea and watching the procession at Castle Cary Carnival
Sunday 13th October - riding on vintage buses at Warminster's Vintage Bus Day and in the evening, our monthly Carnival club meeting
Monday 14th October - the Uni I work at hosts social evenings once a semester for each of our postgrad programmes. Tonight's was the turn of the Accounting and Finance students who had an evening meal at a restaurant in Bath called Aqua. Stupidly I forgot to take any pictures of the food but I had a very tasty Chicken and Spring Onion Mash and a not-so-tasty (but still just about okay) Lemon Drizzle Cake.
Aqua Bath
Tuesday 15th October - another work social, this time for the students studying International Management and hosted at a Greek meze restaurant in Bath called Opa. This time the only reason I couldn't get any pictures of the food is that the pesky students had eaten most of it before we got there!
Opa Bath
Wednesday 16th October - me and Andrew used a 40% off student discount card to visit Gourmet Burger Kitchen where I had a Cheese and Bacon Burger, Sweet Potato Fries (with bacon aioli, yum!) and Sicilian Lemonade to drink. Andrew had never been there before and when they brought his burger out, his first thought was Man vs. Food!
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Then we headed to the Rondo Theatre in Bath to watch the very funny Josie Long, Robin Ince and Grace Petrie in 'Robin and Josie's Shambles'
Rondo Theatre
Thursday 17th October - me and Andrew went to Pizza Express with a 25% off voucher because we were staying in town again, to see another show at the Rondo Theatre (it's just pure coincidence that the two shows we wanted to see were on consecutive nights!). At Pizza Express I tried to be healthy with a Pollo ad Astra Leggera pizza but really we ruined it from the start because they tempted us with their new-recipe sharing doughballs...
Pizza Express
At the theatre we saw Alex Horne with his Edinburgh show, 'Lies' - he's very random but it was a really funny show!
Rondo Theatre
Friday 18th October - lots of offices had cake sales to raise money for our local hospital with their 'Ted's Big Day Out' fundraisers. I ate far too much cake but the calories don't count if it's for charity, right?
In the evening me and my lovely friend M "swished" - more to come on that tomorrow!
Saturday 19th October - I did lots of shopping and watched Taunton Carnival procession
Sunday 20th October - I took my friends M and C for a day out at Wells Food Festival and a Vintage Tea Party - again, more to come on that later in the week!
 So this week consists of sitting in the chair, watching TV and reading some books....oh, except for Wednesday when we're seeing Adam Hills at the theatre...ooh and Friday when we're taking my brother to Salisbury Carnival....and, yup, Saturday when I'm off to the Pretty Nostalgic Gathering and then in the evening, watching Warminster Carnival.
Um...I'm not sure I actually ever have a week when I'm not doing something!
What about you, do you like being a busy busy bee or are you happy to sit back and relax?


  1. Sounds like a great if really hectic week :)

    1. It was, but I was glad of a rest by the end of it! :-) x


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