Monday 21 October 2013

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Feasting - at a Vintage Tea Party (hosted by Pearl Lowe) as part of the first ever Wells Food Festival.
Lots of tasty cakes but definitely sugar overload!

Vintage Tea Party

Swishing - at a clothes-swapping event in Warminster, Wiltshire organised by the lovely Jen from My Make Do and Mend Year. Me and my friend M went along (we left Andrew in the pub with a couple of pints!) and both donated and gained lots of new clothes, bags and accessories.


Shopping - in Taunton, Somerset before the Carnival procession. It mainly involved me buying lots of little chocolate Christmas goodies for my office's Christmas Secret Santa, Christmas Coin Hunt, Christmas Quiz and Festive Pass the Parcel (more to come on them closer to December).
Yes, we are quite sad when it comes to Christmas in my workplace...

Watching - Taunton Carnival procession.
Less than two weeks to go til the big parade in Bridgwater on 2nd November!

Taunton Carnival procession

Sampling - lots of free food and drink at Wells Food Festival.
It was packed with people and sometimes we were lucky to get a sample!

Wells Food Festival

Celebrating - my brother's birthday. He was actually 28 on the 8th October but hadn't had a birthday cake yet.
It sounds awful to say it but he has Down's Syndrome so I don't think he really knows (or cares) what day he has his cake in relation to his actual birthday. He had great fun though blowing out the candles; I think we had to relight them about 5 times!

Birthday cake candles being blown out

What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Blowing out the candles is almost as good as eating the cake! You got a great mid-puff shot.

    Looking at our diary I'm not sure that we're going to get along to any of the carnivals this year :( Our weekends have really filled up. They do look like such fun!

    1. Thanks! (you didn't see the outtake shots though, that was about the 15th pic I'd took!)
      There are some weekday evening Carnivals but there's always next year anyway! :-) x

  2. That looks like a fun weekend - those cakes look amazing. We had pretty much a lazy weekend after going out vintage hunting on Saturday, so Sunday was spent on the sofa catching up on blogs and listening to vinyl!

    1. They were really tasty, but so sweet that I had to take one of my pieces home to finish later on! A lazy weekend sounds lovely and listening to vinyl is always good :-) x

  3. Looks like a great weekend! Cake and a food festival sounds perfect :)

    1. It was lovely, it poured it down with rain on Sunday but we still managed to grab lots of free samples :-) x


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