Saturday 12 October 2013

Bridgwater Carnival Concerts

As well as the big Carnival processions that happen across Somerset and the South West in the autumn, there's a stage spectacular that takes place every night for the first two weeks of October.

Bridgwater Town Hall

Down in Bridgwater in Somerset, all the Carnival clubs based in the town have to put on a show - which is made up of roughly 10 minutes for each club (and there are about 13 of them) plus lots of "front of curtain" acts between each club's show. The Carnival Concerts have been runing since 1884 and the idea is that each club presents a small taster of what you'll see on their float come Bridgwater Carnival day on Saturday 2nd November.

Bridgwater Carnival Programmes

We went along last Wednesday night - there were some amazing performances, singers and dancers, and also some not-so-amazing performances, singers and dancers. Although to be fair, there was no-one really bad!
With a cast of over 600 people on stage each night, the show ends up being 4 hours long, thankfully with an interval but starting at 7pm and finishing just after 11pm (with an hour long drive home) means a very late night.

Bridgwater Carnival Concert

I feel like this post is a bit of an anticlimax as there was no photography allowed during the show, so I haven't actually got any pictures of the performers to show you. When Bridgwater Carnival day rolls around (and the other processions during November), I'll share some of the photos and try and capture some of the atmosphere for anyone who's never heard of our fab illuminated Carnival processions in the South West.

As a quick intro though, I'll leave you with the official TV advertisement for Bridgwater's procession...

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