Monday 14 October 2013

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Drinking - homemade hot chocolate complete with chocolate swizzle sticks (a lovely fancy name for a few blocks of chocolate...). Autumn (or even winter, with it being so cold) has really arrived!

Hot chocolate

Riding - on some vintage buses. Over in Warminster in Wiltshire every year there is a 'vintage bus running day' where lots of local bus owners basically just drive around the towns and villages of Wiltshire free of charge.

Warminster bus running day

Chopping - off some of my hair, not (thankfully) with my own fair hands but at a local hairdressers in town. It's gone from a medium length mess to a short flicky bob. I completely forgot to take a picture of my new haircut but I'll try and include a picture at some point over the next week.

Eating - a delicious cream tea from our local farm shop, Farringtons. They do 'Cream Tea for Two' gift vouchers and last Christmas Andrew bought me one for a present - and we've only now got round to using it!

Farringtons Cream Tea

Watching - this week's Carnival procession, taking place in Castle Cary in Somerset. Despite the weather forecast, it stayed dry for the whole procession and only started to chuck it down on the way home!
  Castle Cary Carnival

Building - shelves into our new boiler cupboard.
It sounds boring but it's one more step to having a newly redecorated bedroom!
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Homemade hot chocolate sounds delicious (especially with your fancy chocolate swizzle sticks!) and that cream tea looks SO GOOD. I've nearly finished three of the five tins of hot chocolate powder I got for Christmas last year- better hurry up and drink them all before this year's gifts!! :) xxx

    1. Five tins of hot chocolate powder!? That sounds like my dream Christmas present! :-) xxx

  2. I have never thought to use blocks of chocolate as swizzle sticks before. What a brilliant idea!! I am going to get some chocolate and try this out tomorrow :) #

    1. Execellent! It's such an easy thing to do but no-one ever seems to think of it! Plus the chocolate stick goes lovely and gooey :-) x

  3. Those vintage buses are so cool! Love the idea of chocolate swizzle sticks - the more chocolate that's involved in a mug of hot chocolate, the better! :) xx

    1. Absolutely! You can never have too much chocolate, I feel! :-) xx


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