Monday 16 February 2015

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Frying - duck-shaped eggs, or what would be more accurately described as 'attempting to fry'. I'd baked some bread the previous night (from a packet and done in a breadmaker, that's how I roll) and had planned on doing a nice breakfast on Valentine's Day. I ended up using the wrong frying pan though, one that wasn't completely flat meaning that the ducks turned out looked like they'd had some kind of terrible accident.

Fried egg ducks


Baking - the bread mentioned above. At the moment I'm favouring Wright's Cheese and Onion bread mix.


Licking - ice creams, bought from the local ice cream van who turned up in the road opposite on Saturday afternoon. It may have been dry and a little bit sunny but it was still cold out. Andrew ran over to buy a couple of 99's and I think the man in the van was rather surprised to actually have a customer.

Ice creams

Shuffling - lots of books from one bedroom into another. These are mostly Andrew's books and used to be housed in a bit of a mess on some bookshelves knocked together temporarily (read: over 20 years ago). The bedroom we've moved out of has fitted wardrobes which work perfectly as a mini library for any guests who come to stay.


Geocaching - We went on a drive across to Swindon on Sunday planning to meet up with my parents and brother to introduce them to the wonder of Ed's Easy Diner (they really need a branch in Bristol!). Before we went I downloaded the Geocaching app and on the way I had a look to see if there were any quick and easy ones to do on our journey. We only managed the one though, in a tree at the bottom of Hackpen Hill but even so, that's doubled our total!

Geocaching box

Showing - the 'rents Ed's Easy Diner. My brother seemed to particularly like the milkshake and happily drunk most of my mum's one. I tried out the Pulled Pork Burger and then somehow managed to eat half of this amazing chocolate sundae before it defeated me and Andrew had to polish it off.

Ed's Easy Diner milkshake

Ed's Easy Diner chocolate sundae

What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Mmm homemade bread, those duck molds look a great idea, shame it didn't come out duck shaped in practice! Perfect excuse to try them again mind!

  2. That ice-cream Sundae....... you are making me hungry!!!!x

  3. Ooooh looks like a great weekend! I love the ducks, I made Christmas tree ones on Christmas day, they didn't end up looking like Christmas trees... ooops...!!! Loving your packed bookcase :)

  4. Those egg things look awesome. And you're totally making me want to try geo-caching! :)

  5. I've only made homemade bread once in my life! It turned out not too bad, but since I don't have a breadmaker or an airing cupboard to rise it in, I can't make it any more :(

    We haven't been geo-caching in ages! We did a few round the local area but then stopped for some reason. Maybe the app got uninstalled at some point... Might have to look back into that!

  6. I've got an uber urge for bread making at the moment. And now diner burgers thanks to you.
    I want to see duck shaped eggs in all their glory soon please and thank you.
    M x

  7. You should try Rocotillos up on the Triangle if you're looking for a diner in Bristol. Their Nutella milkshakes are amazing!


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