Saturday, 21 February 2015

Cooking Crimes - In Defence of Chinese Takeaway Boxes

Not sure this is strictly a 'crime' as such, more of a dirty little secret.
Chinese Takeaway Boxes
At the last count, we have 53 of these nifty little boxes. And that's not including the ones that've cracked and been recycled or the ones containing a slice of cake or portion of dinner that we've given away to friends and family. But why is that wrong, I hear you cry?
Well, yep they are incredibly handy for storing stuff and great for being able to portion out large meals and chuck things in the freezer for a rainy day.
But….when you add in the fact that these boxes came from our local Chinese takeaway…and that each box contained one meal…and that to get an empty box, you have to eat what's inside (obvs)…it doesn’t put me and Andrew in the best (or indeed, most healthy) light.
So a bit of quick mathematics, say 52 boxes, divided by 2 (one meal each) equals umm…26 times we've succumbed to the idea of a chicken chow mein or some noodles and egg fried rice.
The only thing which makes this whole sticky sweet-and-sour-sauce fiasco marginally more acceptable is that we have been customers of our local for about 3 years. Taking into account the boxes which we've lost along the way, I still reckon that works out to be one visit every month. I can't decide if that makes us big fat pigs or incredibly restrained!


  1. Restrained, I say. In my current house and my last house we have lived and live around the corner from a Fish'n'Chip shop. And when the wind blows in a certain direction and we can smell that fatty smell in the air......
    We alway cave to the crave! x

  2. Definitely restrained. Anyway, you obviously only buy the Chinese takeaway so that you have the plastic boxes to use afterwards!!

  3. Restrained! Also, you're getting something out of it, besides a belly full of yumminess that is!

  4. We eat out at least once a week, I'd say restrained!x

  5. Oh who cares when it tastes so good! I'd rather have a load of these and have enjoyed the food that went in them than have just bought a load of empty ones from the local supermarket!

  6. These boxes are the best for storing food though! You're not the only one to have tons of them - they do sell them in tesco as well I think ;)

  7. Ah nowt wrong with that, we eat out weekly, sometimes more if we're feeling in the mood (then again eating out is incredibly cheap in the US in comparison to what I grew up with). Plus you're recycling the boxes which is probably a lot more than some might do!

  8. We hoard these little plastic boxes too but always seem to lose them somehow! Must be an excuse just to order more Chinese food! :)

  9. We hoard these little plastic boxes too but always seem to lose them somehow! Must be an excuse just to order more Chinese food! :)

  10. Can't really go wrong with this! Plus, can't really go wrong with Chinese food either. The only think I hate is the stains from the Bolognese!


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