Wednesday 4 February 2015

Here Is The News #31

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Sarah's list of big fun things to do this year is just lovely - I think she's going to have a simply spiffing year (which I hope she'll tell us all about as and when she gets time).

Rachael and her other half visited the Great Train Show, full of model railways and trains. I showed this post to Andrew as he's got grand plans for a model railway in our house at some point.

Foodie posts this week come from Sophie who made her own (delicious-looking) Angel Cake slices and from Hannah who made these very nostalgic Parma Violet Cupcakes.

And you have to go and read Michelle's day out in London - she is just brilliant (and possibly a tad crazy to go with it).

Exciting Events

Saturday sees National Libraries Day with lots of events going on across the UK. You can even pop down to your local and share your library #shelfie with them on Twitter!


Interesting Info

This article about the UK's gas holders is quite interesting seeing as most of the are being pulled down. They were definitely a feature of my childhood, I remember seeing them in almost every big city we drove through and I'm glad to see there's a few that have been listed.

Something I stumbled upon this week was English Heritage's National Monuments Record site, specifically the Heritage Explorer bit. It's designed as a school resource for teachers but if you click the 'images by theme' section you can spend hours browsing all sorts of vintage photographs, completely with the history of each picture.

The BBC took a look at the railway lines in the UK living their life on the edge.

Pre-Google, if you wanted to find something out you nipped down your local library and asked your friendly librarian. New York Public Library kept a record of some of the more 'unusual' questions they were asked over the years...

And you can now play Ken Bruce's Popmaster quiz on t'internet - yay!


Blogs I've followed this week...

The What Now Blog

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Jenny Purr

Tiny Grey Cat

Whisky and Woodsmoke (thanks to Fluffy Owl's Adventures)

And thanks to Elise's cracking round up this week...

Postcard Daydreams

The Perfect Hiding Place

Cecilia in the Rain

A Bit of an Enthusiast (which actually has a slightly longer title but you'll just have to pop over to see what that is!)

What's new with you?


  1. Yey thank you for the mention, I'm glad you enjoyed, i'm surprised with how well that post went down, I know model trains aren't everyone's cup of tea but it's certainly encouraged me to share more about it once we get the ball rolling! Can't wait to check out all of the links - I always find some new blogs to read every week so thank you for all the effort in putting this together every week!

  2. Love these round-ups and I loved Sarah's post too.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Thanks for the tip about the records site. I might pass that on to my colleagues. x

  4. Thank you for the mention, and the other tips - these are one of my favourite kind of posts, because it makes me discover new places and blogs to read :)

    This week has been a really busy one for me at work, so I've usually got home and been completely knackered, not wanting to do anything but watch netflix. I am hoping this will change soon as I feel I don't get much done.

  5. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it in excessive detail. :)

  6. Hello duck! Nice to meet you and thanks for the shout-out :0).

  7. I never fail to learn something new from Here is the News! So thank you!
    I'll be back in a few hours, I'll be busy playing Popmasters for the foreseeable future!
    M x


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