Tuesday 24 February 2015

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 21st February

This month it was Jane's turn to set the date for the photo an hour challenge and she picked Saturday 21st - a day which saw me out and about meeting people, drinking hot chocolate and making crafty things.

9am - Sunshine!
9am - sunshine through the curtains

10am - Breakfast this morning contained hard-boiled eggs with an oft-used recipe in our house - Bacon and Eggs Kedgeree-style (which I'm sure I've done before on a photo an hour day).
10am - hard boiled eggs

11am - A quick hop in the shower in an attempt to look half decent before heading out to Bath to meet the other people on my degree course.
11am - shower time

12pm - Just about to head out of the front door to catch a bus to Bath.
12pm - ready to go out

1pm - The bus was late so by 1pm we were only halfway to the city centre. It's only a 45 minute journey but (unbeknown to me until I got on) Bath Rugby were playing Northampton Saints that day and the bus was packed.
1pm - bus journey to Bath

2pm - I met up with the other distance learning students at the Chapel Arts Centre Café which I've never actually visited although I have been to a gig in the arts centre itself.
2pm - Chapel Arts Centre cafe

3pm - I had a hot chocolate at the café which was very nice indeed and ended up with what looked (and tasted) like liquid chocolate at the bottom of the cup.
3pm - hot chocolate

4pm - We finished chatting and all headed our separate ways, me off to wait in a pre-arranged place for Andrew to pick me up. Despite the gorgeous sunny weather only 3 hours earlier, it was chucking it down and due to my dodgy ankle, I couldn't run to shelter!
4pm - walking in the rain

5pm - Back home and just enough time for a cuppa before heading out again to the local church for a craft evening.
5pm - making tea

6pm - When we arrived at the church, we were given a little bag of card and embellishments and told to take our seats as "all would be revealed later!"
6pm - craft evening supplies

7pm - The little bag contained everything we needed to make these little collapsible decorative boxes which I think we all did fairly successfully (at least, most of the PVA glue actually ended up on the cards and not over us or the rest of the table).
7pm - craft boxes

8pm - The evening also included a dinner of baked potatoes and various fillings followed by puddings homemade by ladies from the church. I couldn't decide whether to have a slice of Banoffee Pie or a slice of Chocolate Cream Pie but the lady dishing it out overheard me and slapped a slice of each in my dish - bonus (or possibly just greedy).
8pm - banoffee pie and chocolate cream pie

9pm - Waiting for our lift home with the chippy opposite smelling rather delicious.
9pm - the smell of the chip shop

10pm - Part of my twice-daily physio routine is to balance on a cushion for 30 seconds on my bad leg. I can't do the whole 30 seconds just yet, I have to steady myself using the kitchen side but it certainly creates some entertainment for Andrew!
10pm - balancing on a cushion

11pm - And just before we headed to bed, I went through Twitter and Instagram to make a list of all you lovely people who had taken part in photo an hour that day.
11pm - making a list of photo an hour people

An amazing 23 people joined in this month and I think that's the highest amount so far. I said to Jane last month, "I wonder if we can make 20 by the end of the year" but I certainly didn't expect to beat that the following month so a huge thank you to everyone who took part or joined in the fun on the day by commenting on Twitter or Instagram.

So who did we have then?
Jane from Is That You Darling joined in on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog
Sharon from Sunshine and Celandines joined in on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog
Rachael from Dear Ms Leigh joined in on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog
Janet from Words That Can Only Be Your Own joined in on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog
Rebecca from Just Me joined in on Twitter and on her blog
Susie from Second Hand Susie joined in on Twitter and on her blog
Amy from Fluffy Owl's Adventures joined in on Instagram and on her blog
Lizzie from Lizzie Dripping joined in on Instagram and on her blog
Rachel from The Inelegant Wench joined in on Instagram and on Twitter
Kim joined in on Instagram and on Twitter
Josie from Tales from the Finch's Beak joined in on Instagram
Rebecca from Writing, Fatshion, Me joined in on Instagram
Chelsea from Love in Modern Life joined in on Instagram and on her blog
Emma from Miss Pond joined in on Instagram
Hannah joined in on Instagram
Kerri from Crumbs in the Bed joined in on Instagram
Laura joined in on Instagram
Lucy joined in on Sunday on Instagram
Hazel from World of Joy joined in on her blog
Bev from Confuzzledom joined in on her blog
Eileen from In My Playroom joined in on her blog
Elise from Elise and Life joined in on her blog
Lucy from Lucy in the Clouds joined in on her blog
And of course, myself here on this post, plus on Instagram and on Twitter :-)
I hope I've managed to include everyone, I'll update the list as and when blog posts appear but give me a shout if you took part and I haven't included you. If your blog post goes live at a later date, that's absolutely fine, just let me know and I'll pop you in.
I'm going to keep it simple for March and choose Saturday 21st March as the date, the same as February. Pop it in your diaries and I'll also tweet everyone the day before as a reminder - see you then!
Also, check out what I was up to in...


  1. It's great to see how many people joined in across the board this month! Your Shaun the Sheep shower puff (is that their proper name?) took me right back to having one of my own many years ago! Sounds like you had a busy day, must be nice getting the chance to meet up with fellow course mates when you're all away from the campus.

  2. Loved this as well as following your day on Twitter. I got to follow some new people that day too and have a peek into what they were up to aswell. So much fun.
    Have to say I love your purple coat and may of had a little smile at your physio photo when I saw it on twitter - sorry! <3 Looks like your ankle is getting there though!!

    Oh and Im super sorry I couldnt take part, I didnt think until it was too late that I cant upload photos from my phone. I did take photos l day though and will be putting my photos up in a post next month.


  3. I took part as well, I just can't do it on Twitter/Instagram because I take my photos with an actual camera and upload them all at once the next day. My blog post is here: https://confuzzledom.wordpress.com/2015/02/22/a-photo-an-hour-21-february-2015/

    I love your curtains! Looks like you had a busy day. Much less lazy than mine!

    1. Ok, ignore my last comment... I've just found me on the list. Somehow completely overlooked my own blog name the first time?!

  4. Yay I'm on here! Your day was so busy, well done! I need a certain amount of couch time at the weekends or I'm grumpy for days ;)

  5. Wow, so many people taking part this month! I'm definitely going to try and give it a go in March too.

  6. You had a lovely and varied day! Its great that so many people joinrd in.X

  7. I love posts like this! I'm definitely going to try and join in next month! x

  8. Ooh, those boxes look awesome! And I LOVE your coat :)

    It's great that so many people took part in this - I've put Sat 21st in my diary so hopefully I'll join in next time :) x

  9. I was going to join in and then I TOTALLY forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those boxes are amazing! Why didn't I know chocolate cream pie existed in the world!???????????? I MUST try it (after Lent) x

  10. I love this challenge :) your Shaun the Sheep is very cute.

    Lizzie Dripping

  11. I love seeing more and more people join in! I admit, I failed this week... so I feel a bit guilty being up there in the list.

    Two slices of pie?! That's a total win!

    Looking forward to next months photo-an-hour!

  12. Your crafty evening sounds like lots of fun! I love taking part in this challenge, so thanks for organising it :)

  13. Ohemgeee that pudding looks DIVINE. I wonder how many people have been directed to your blog only to be disappointed by the shower photo? Haha xxx


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