Saturday 28 February 2015

February Books

February saw a total of 6 books added to the list (including The Radleys which isn't in the picture as I wasn't sure if I'd finish it in time, but yep, it did just sneak on there with a few hours to go). That takes the total to 14 out of 52, with 52 being my GoodReads challenge for 2015.
February Books

The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen
This one had an interesting premise, a young girl (Judith) creates a land of creatures and people and somehow her surroundings end up mirroring what she makes in her fantasy land. Is she a miracle worker or is it just coincidence? It's quite an enjoyable story, even with a fairly bleak storyline and the little girl in it is quite a likeable character. A fairly quick and not too challenging read.
To Hull and Back: On Holiday in Unsung Britain by Tom Chesshyre
I like reading travel books about Britain, you usually find out some obscure bit of information (handy for pub quizzes) and a lot of history as well. This one follows the author as he visits several 'unsung' towns, places such as Milton Keynes, Salford, South Shields, Coventry, Slough and Croydon and tries to discover their touristy bits. It's probably not the best tour book of Britain out there but I definitely know things about those places now that I didn't know before.
Mad About You by Sinead Moriarty
Can't remember why I picked this one up but it made for a quick and easy read. Emma has moved to London with her family and needs a nanny for her children. It's set in a land of posh afternoon teas, ladies who lunch and people with large amounts of money and soon Emma begins to get threatening texts and suspicious packages, seeming like someone is out to break up her relationship. There's a few side storylines as well, one about her sister who's taken up with an unsuitable man and a friend's marriage which is on the rocks for example. It's a little bit of a who-dunnit type story except for the fact that it seems fairly obvious early on who is behind it all. You spend the rest of the book wondering if it really is that simple and suspecting everyone else, only for the ending to be an bit of an anti-climax and yup, it was who you thought in the beginning after all. Oh well.
The Great White Palace by Tony Porter
I spotted this one on someone's blog last year (apologies but I can't remember who it was, if it was you, let me know and I'll pop a link in) and thought it would be quite an interesting read. I remember staying near Kingsbridge on an awful A Level Geography trip (loved the subject, hated the field trips with all the other students), visiting Bigbury on Sea and looking across to the island, thinking how mysterious it looked. It's quite an enjoyable read, not focussing too much on the history of the place but more on the restoration and running since Tony Porter and his wife bought it. Reading the book, they certainly had their work cut out to get it back to the magnificent state it's in now! Strangely out of my local libraries area (which includes over 100 branches) there was only one copy of it and even then, that was in large print. It doesn't strike me as a very long book even if it had been in normal print so if you're interested in the restoration of 1920s architecture, then this might be a good quick read.
Knits: for you and your home by Debbie Bliss
Lots of knitting patterns in this one, for beginners and for experts. All very well explained and easy to follow and I've scanned about half a dozen patterns to try out at a later date.  
The Radleys by Matt Haig
The last book I read in February and probably the one I enjoyed the most from all the ones I read that month. The Radleys are a seemingly ordinary family on the surface but look below and you'll find a family of abstaining vampires, except that the children don't know it yet. It's quite well written with an intriguing plotline (and various bits from 'The Abstainer's Handbook' for vampires scattered throughout) and one I finished in a day!

Anyone read any of these? What did you think?
(also next month, I will actually remember to photograph the book covers before handing them back to the library...)

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  1. The Radleys is a book I've been meaning to read for the longest time but still not got round to yet!

    February was kind of a bum reading month for me. I'm making an extra effort to make time for reading in March - I've missed it!
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