Tuesday 16 December 2014

A Photo Every Hour - Sunday 14th December

December's photo an hour challenge was set by Jane as Sunday 14th December - part of our weekend in London and a day spent mostly on London buses!
9am -  We stayed in the same Travelodge two years ago for my 30th birthday and the view we had then was of Clapham Junction station; this time we had a view of the building next door.
9am - the view from our Travelodge

10am - Andrew picked up this Wolsey waistcoat from a charity shop the day before. I quite like it but he can't decide whether it makes him look hipster (in a kind of ironic sense) or just plain old granddad.
10am - Andrew wearing a Wolsey waistcoat
11am - The little café next door to where we were staying did an excellent line in breakfasts. This is their Breakfast Panini filled with bacon, scrambled egg and cheese.
11am - Breakfast panini

12pm - Off to Battersea Boot Sale on a gloriously sunny morning.
12pm - Battersea Boot Sale
1pm - Waiting for a bus back to Clapham Junction before heading into the city for the rest of the day.
1pm - waiting for a bus
2pm - Back in Clapham Junction and on our way to get a bus to London Bridge.
2pm - Clapham Junction Arding and Hobbs store
3pm -  Still on a bus. Making the most of the priority seating though!
3pm - on a bus

4pm -  A bus journey that was supposed to take 50 minutes ended up taking 90 so we got to HMS Belfast too late to go in. We did manage to fit it in on Monday though.
4pm - HMS Belfast

5pm -  On another bus. Heading towards Five Guys in Islington this time.
5pm - on a bus

6pm - After polishing off a very tasty burger, we though we should probably try the hot dogs as well and bought one to share when we got back to the Travelodge as a sort of late night treat.
6pm - Five Guys hot dog
7pm - We stopped off at Somerset House on the way back to Clapham Junction. Two years ago I went skating here on the very same evening and absolutely loved it. That was actually the last time I went skating and now, I don't think it's something I'll ever be able to do again. Ah well, at least the last time I went I had a fab time.
7pm - Somerset House skating
8pm - Bought these purple jegging-thingies from the car boot that morning. They were only £1.75, from M&S and have birds all over them so they had to come home with me really. Still not sure I can get away with them but I'll give it a go in the new year!
8pm - bird patterned trousers
9pm - Planning out the next day's bus routes.
9pm - planning the next day's bus routes
10pm -  We bought cakes from the boot sale as well, I had this very drizzly lemon drizzle cake and left crumbs all over the bed.
10pm - lemon drizzle cake

Now, I've had so much fun doing a photo an hour every month that I'm going to keep doing them in 2015 and myself and the ever-lovely Jane are going to share the hosting and date-setting duties.

Several people joined in this month:
Jane joined in on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog
Sharon joined in on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog
Rachael joined in on Instagram and on her blog
Kim joined in on Instagram and on Twitter
Bev joined in on her blog
Debs joined in on her blog
Ruth joined in on Instagram
Josie joined in on Instagram
Rebecca joined in on Twitter and on her blog
And of course, myself here on this post, plus on Instagram and on Twitter :-)
I make that 10 people; I hope I've managed to include everyone but give me a shout if you took part and I haven't included you!
For the first photo an hour challenge in 2015, I'm going to choose Saturday 17th January and I'll tweet everyone the day before as a reminder.
Hopefully see you then!
Also, check out what I was up to in...


  1. Sounds like a great day, with lots of great food!!
    I really miss a good car boot sale not being in the UK.

    I think I'll join in next month too, I should make a note of that date :)

  2. Phwoar, I could eat that Panini right now! The leggings look really nice-you could wear them with a skirt and boots!

  3. Yey glad to see the photo an hours will be continuing into the new year, I shall mark the date on my calender!


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