Monday 8 December 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...
 Enjoying - the fabulous Christmas show that is 'Swallows and Amazons' at the Bristol Old Vic. I saw it several years ago when they first performed it and they've brought it back to the stage for this year. What's not to love about a theatre that sells pic 'n' mix in the foyer and lets you throw rocks at the baddie in the closing scenes of the show?

Bristol Old Vic - Swallows and Amazons street signage

Bristol Old Vic sweets

Unpacking - all the Christmas stuff from the loft. Last year I was very organised and packaged it all into large bags so it was dead easy to get out!

Wrapping - a few presents, these ones were being sent off to Canada as part of Janet's Thrifty Christmas Swap.

Wrapped presents

Dyeing - my hair. That doesn't sound like a big thing but I am actually that girl, the one who's never dyed her hair before. One of the things on my '32 Before 32' list (which runs out on my birthday this Saturday) was to dye my hair a copper colour and I had a light copper dye from Avon which after a bit of faffing about, I managed to use. I think I had images of 1980's horror stories of women ending up with green hair and stuff so I didn't want to go too bright. The end result is quite nice but unfortunately so subtle that no-one has really noticed (and doesn't look any different to normal in a photo so I've no proof sadly). Now I've done it once though, I feel a bit happier my hair's not going to turn purple or fall out or anything so next time, I'll go for a brighter shade and show you all.

Queuing - to get into Frome for their Independent Market on Sunday. I don't think anyone realised quite how popular it would be though as most of the main roads were gridlocked and the park & ride car park was full only an hour and half after the market had started. Instead we cut our losses and headed to another nearby town, Trowbridge and did a bit of shopping there.

Resting - with a hot chocolate (and sneaky bowl of chips) from Wetherspoons while we were going round the town centre. It was very well-timed as even though I'm down to using one crutch now, I still can't walk long distances so the half an hour sit down was just what I needed!

Wetherspoons Hot Chocolate
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. I planned to post my gift off today but it's too horrible to go outside! Ooh pic n mix!

  2. All of my family from Frome and my auntie owns a hair dressers with her daughter, and her daughter's daughter working there! :) xx

  3. Hot chocolate with cream-you can't beat it!
    I know you went to see the show, but have you read any of the other Swallows and Amazons books at all? I found a couple in the charity shop I am excited to try!x

  4. Loving the paper you have wrapped your Thrifty swap prezzies in.Mine are going to Janet herself ( no pressure there then! X


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