Sunday 21 December 2014

An A-Z of Me - N

A-Z of Me - N

Names - When I was a child, I found my parents list of possible names for me before I was born. Heather was a contender (which is kind of okay) but the really bad one on there (which was clearly my father's choice as he's Welsh) was Myfanwy. Not that it's a terrible name or anything but just imagine trying to spell it as a young child (and that's without even delving into the Little Britain connection!).

Nuts - I can't stand them. I'm not allergic and I can just about do tiny chopped up ones (Toblerone is okay), just weird instead.

New York - The first foreign holiday I did on my own, I flew there back in September 2002. I was 19 and the tickets were cheap. I loved it. When I was there, I said to myself the next time I come, I want to bring a husband or family and at the moment I'm badgering Andrew to go on holiday there for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2017.

What 'N' things sum you up?

For the rest of the alphabet click here!


  1. I went to uni with a Myfanwy-we called her Myf. If I'd been a boy, I was to be called Tristan. I didn't like it.until I discovered Tristan Farnon in the James Herriott books!

  2. New York would be an amazing place to go on your 10th anniversary! I don't like nuts at all either, but I tell people I'm allergic as it's easier than having someone tell me "I won't notice" a huge chunk of walnut! haha xx

  3. I guess Myfanwy could have been shortened to Miffy.:-) i love nuts especially peanut butter! New York would be amazing.I've been Norway which was great.I like nautical as I do love the seaside.And wow wouldn't it ve fab to see a Narwarl ( totally wrong spelling I think!) , the unicorn of the sea.x

  4. New York for your 10th anniversary would be amazing; getting to share a place you love with the one you love. Good luck with twisting Andrew's arm :-P
    Bits & Bobs

  5. How fun that they made a list! My N's would probably include Nutella (love it), the NHS, and Nic Cage. Haha xxx


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