Monday 29 December 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...


Celebrating - not just Christmas but also the in-law's golden wedding anniversary on Boxing Day. My parents visited them on Friday plus Andrew's auntie and uncle visited them on Saturday so they did lots talking and passing round the 1964 wedding photos. It did take us rather a long time to get a proper photo of them both though as pretty much every picture ever taken of father in law has him gurning like this and mother in law always looking decidedly unimpressed.

The in-law's golden wedding anniversary

Eating - too much food as always. Although it's acceptable this time of year isn't it?

Playing - games and quizzes with various family members. Andrew's sister produced a quiz all about Cornwall and Andrew's mum did a couple of general knowledge ones.
Does anyone else play a card game called Pit? Andrew's family love it and it always comes out at Christmas with cards often being flung all over the place during the game.

Cornish quiz

Winding - up my brother, which is very easy to do. We played catch with lots of balloons then Andrew got him on the floor in a huge tickling fight.

Playing with balloons
 Yep, that's a balloon...

Tickling my brother

Opening - more presents. Me and Andrew managed to get everyone else's presents wrapped in time for Christmas Day but neither of us got round to wrapping each other's stocking presents. We gave them to each other on Saturday morning instead which was actually quite nice because we had a lazy morning snacking on leftovers and throwing wrapping paper all round the living room, instead of rushing round trying to cook a Christmas dinner at the same time.

Christmas stocking presents

Visiting - an attraction in Somerset which we've never been to before, the Fleet Air Arm Museum. I've been to Yeovilton Air Show plenty of times but never actually visited the museum; we had some Tesco Clubcard vouchers due to expire and they take them so we popped down there on Sunday. It was very good and I'll do a proper review of the place in the New Year but the main news of the day was that I left my one crutch in the car and walked round the whole place on two legs! Admittedly I did sit down quite a few times and I felt pretty tired by the end but still, progress is progress (especially when I have to return to work next Monday...)

Fleet Airm Arm Museum
What did you get up to at the weekend?
Hope you all had a wonderful festive season!


  1. Looks like a few great days and congrats to your Mother and Father in law.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Ooh,sounds very nice! I like the look of your quiz! Looks great fun.
    The stockings on the Saturday sounds a great idea. We had stockings when we got up here to Northumberland from my inlaws and it was lovely to have on Sunday instead.

  3. Your quiz looks like good fun. Yes we used to play Pit, but haven't played it for ages now - sadly, none of my friends or family like playing games.


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