Thursday 13 November 2014

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 8th November

Last Saturday was the date set by Jane for November's photo an hour challenge. It fell on the same day last year when we headed out to North Petherton Carnival (as we've done every year since about 1990, albeit with our own families until we met in 2004). This year though, we didn't go :-( Where we park the car and where we stand to watch the procession are quite far apart and we came to the conclusion I probably wouldn't be able to walk it with the crutches and it would be difficult for Andrew to push the wheelchair all the way (it would've involved country lanes, grass verges and hills). Co-incidentally though, fellow photo-an-hour-er (can I get away with that?), Rebecca was making her very first trip to a Somerset Carnival and ended up in North Petherton for the evening!
My day panned out as follows...
9am - My day at the moment always starts with ankle exercises, pointing my toes up and down, circling my toes and putting the heel flat on the floor.
9am - ankle exercises
10am - Andrew cooked breakfast and a pretty good job he did too!
10am - fried breakfast
11am - I knitted the petals for a Remembrance poppy the day before and finished it off with a button and safety pin on the back.
11am - Remembrance day poppy
12pm - Bath Theatre Royal's latest brochure popped through my letterbox during the week and I managed to nab myself front row royal circle tickets for two of their shows next year (Rebecca and Mrs Henderson Presents).
12pm - Bath Theatre Royal's brochure
1pm - The other website I run contains over 28,000 photos of Carnival processions over the years. On average at each procession between myself, my mum and my dad we take around 800-1000 photos which I then sort out (getting rid of the rubbish ones to get the total down to about 300ish) and edit each one before uploading them to the site. I always try and do this as soon I can after each procession so I got started with editing the previous evening's Carnival at Weston Super Mare.
1pm - editing Carnival photos
2pm - Still editing photos...
2pm - editing Carnival photos
3pm - I hopped out to see how the building work was progressing to find a man armed with a staple gun.
3pm - man with a staple gun
4pm - Yup, the lights went on at 4, winter is coming!
4pm - lights being turned on
5pm - My next bit of knitting is going to be 24 little knitted stockings to make some advent calendar bunting. I sorted out the wool and got started with the first one.
5pm - Christmas coloured wool
6pm - I got ready to go out for the evening, putting on my little boot and my big boot.
6pm - walking boot brace
7pm - Roast! Although as Hayley pointed out on Instagram I made rather a faux pas, leaving some space on my plate when the aim of the game is to pile it high.  
7pm - Toby Carvery roast
8pm - Chocolate Brownie Sundae for pudding which was an excellent choice; there were several brownie pieces on top then a load of ice cream and then just when you thought you were getting to the end, there were some more brownie pieces hiding at the bottom!
8pm - Toby Carvery Chocolate Brownie Sundae
9pm - We popped into our local Mr T's on the way home and Andrew snapped up these reduced price pork pies.
9pm - reduced price pork pies
10pm - While Andrew was finding the pies, I picked up this copy of 'Simply Knitting', mainly because I really liked the star-topped pins as the freebie.
10pm - Simply Knitting magazine
11pm - Just the same as the start of the day, the end of the day is more ankle exercises. It might be boring but the more I do them, the easier it'll be to walk again!
11pm - ankle exercises
Pop on over to Jane's blog to see when the December photo an hour challenge is (and I'm keeping all my fingers crossed she chooses 13th or 14th December as that's my birthday weekend!)
Also, check out what I was up to in...

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