Wednesday 5 November 2014

Here Is The News #18

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Annatha from Prattle and Froth had a bouncing baby girl on Monday evening - pop over to her Twitter account and wish her congratulations!

Char cooked a delicious Apple Pie featuring Pilgrim's Choice cheddar cheese - very Somerset methinks!

Shazza's just got a new addition to her family - a gorgeous little pup called Hugo.

Claire is hosting a stationery lovers swap for Christmas; it looks fab but I've already signed up to two Christmas secret Santa swaps plus a Christmas card swap so sadly I might have to give this one a miss.

Toni's compiled a list of things it's absolutely still okay to do even though you're "grown up" - I love the 'animal ears whilst cleaning' idea!

I've just bought...

Remember the fifties pin-ups duvet set Asda was selling earlier this year? Well, they've gone and brought out a Christmas pin-up version which might have just found it's way into my basket...

This gorgeous Bambi cushion for only £7

And this fab lace dress - only £12!

Blogs I've followed this week...

Elephant's Hankie

Little Bohemian Butterfly

This Little Space of Mine (run by Leanne who used to blog at Knit Me A Cake)

Exciting Events

Jane's Photo an Hour challenge for November is this Saturday. Usually I'd be at North Petherton Carnival (like last year) but it's a bit too much for me at the moment, what with not being able to really walk and stuff. I'll be instagramming my day on the hour every hour anyway - be fab if you could join in too!

Interesting Info

The Explore Your Archive project looks quite interesting; it contains links to all sorts of archive databases and information as well as a list of events across the UK and you can search to find your nearest archive collection.

This week's Carnivals...

After the 2 and half hour procession trundled through Bridgwater last Saturday and Burnham on Sea Monday just gone, it now moves on to Weston Super Mare on Friday 7th, North Petherton on Saturday 8th and then a slightly smaller one at Midsomer Norton on Monday 10th.
If you want a quick look at some of the entries in this year's processions, this promo video shows a little bit of what happened in Bridgwater last Saturday...

What's new with you?


  1. That Bambi cushion is so kitsch- I love it! xxx

  2. Love the cushion and the dress :)

  3. Wow George are doing some fab stuff. Love your buys. And thanks for the mention. Hugo is doing really well. Its like he's always been here.x

  4. Yey for Shazza's little Hugo!!! <3 So cute. I adore Asda for cute clothing and home find, that cushion is no exception.
    And because of you sharing all of the awesome things from down your neck of the woods I've asked the other half if we can holiday in Bristol next year...looks like were driving south!



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