Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Jacamo Coat-wearing Catalogue Man

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Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

A few weeks ago an email popped into my inbox that was perfect timing - would Andrew like to review a coat from the online retailer Jacamo?

"Well, yes I would" said Andrew excitedly (or as excitedly as a man can do) as he was on the lookout for a winter coat anyway and had heard of Jacamo but never bought anything from them.

Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

Jacamo is part of the JD Williams chain (one of the catalogues I remember my mum getting when I was a child) and aims to be your hassle-free one-stop shop for menswear. It was certainly easy enough for Andrew to navigate (bearing in mind he's male, i.e. short attention span) as he'd quickly found a few different coats he liked the look of. The website is very simple to use, with plenty of choice and everything is laid out on the page so you can easily scroll through and look at pictures of all the items. You could also narrow down your search further if you were looking for a particular brand, colour, style or price range plus chat to a helpful customer service person if you had any questions via the live chat link.

Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

The coat Andrew picked out was the Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket and I approved of it as well so he was on to a winner really.

Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

He must've been looking forward to it as when it arrived, he actually opened it and put it on straight away - unheard of for most of his other mail and parcels. The first words he said were "very nice" (not in a Boris Johnson type way) and "I like it".

Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

He's worn it almost every time we've gone out over the last week or so and the other few phrases I've managed to drag out of him are:

"good quality, feels and looks more expensive than it is"
"got a hood with drawstrings"
"lots of pockets, more than you realise from the website description, I like that"
"pockets that button up are good, you can put your keys in and not lose them"
"inside pocket is very useful"
"very warm"

Aww, he's so eloquent isn't he?

Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

I wore it myself for 10 minutes as well (it was the only way to carry it around the house as I'm still using crutches) and Andrew was right, it is a very nice coat and very warm too. It has extra ribbing around the neckline and cuffs which helps keep the cold wind off your neck and arms. I like the colour of it and the checked bit inside is very pretty (although you can't see that bit when it's on). It feels like a really good sturdy coat and I daresay he'll spend most of the winter wearing it (meaning that I won't be able to chuck it in the wash when it's dirty - another brownie point for the jacket is that it's machine washable).

Inside of Williams and Brown Hooded Jacket from Jacamo

All in all, I think he made an excellent choice and Jacamo is one menswear website he'll more than likely be returning to in the future!

Andrew was very kindly sent his choice of coat by Jacamo in return for reviewing their website and the coat itself.
All words, opinions and photos are my own and Andrew's.

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  1. Teehee- "inside pocket is very useful" made me snort-laugh. Andrew should definitely work in advertising! xxx


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