Wednesday 24 September 2014

Here Is The News #12

Here is the News

Firstly, thanks to all you absolutely lovely people who left me a message after Monday's post about my fractured ankle. I've got my sick note now from the GP and I've been officially signed off for 8 weeks! I can't decide if that's a good thing or not but in the spirit of staying positive, I'm gonna use it as an opportunity to do all those Internet/computer-type things that you never have time for (sorting out photos and what not).
I'm also going to try and use the time to get into Twitter a bit more - you can find me over at @duckinadress - although I can't promise anything life-enhancing, witty or intellectual!

Anyway, on to what I've found this week...

Blogland Brilliance

Two lovely ladies from Blogland started sporting gorgeous engagement rings this week - Donna from over at Polkadot Pink and Laura from ME, Michael and M.E. are both happy smiley ladies after their boyfriends proposed!

Zoe has put together a list of three ways to re-use a Cath Kidston Blackberry case - I love the pen holder idea!

Sharon is lucky is enough to be having a gorgeous black Labrador come to live with her and is on the lookout for doggie names - pop over and let her know what you fancy!

Josie celebrated 6 years in Blogland with her vintage stories over at Josie Mary.

Chloe had a quick trip into Blackpool to see the illuminations - something we're definitely planning on doing next autumn.

Chelsea had a fabulous time at Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion - she got some great pictures of the bands!

I'm very jealous, Jane went to Radio 2's Hyde Park Festival the other week and it looks amazing! We listened to some of it online and it sounded really good.

Last week Sophie started a new series called Wednesday Words - all about those little phrases we all use so often but have no idea where they come from. It's a really interesting read and you'll learn something from it too!

Anna did a bit of shopping in Matalan and came away with a load of fabulous autumn clothes - I am in love with her new scarf and her leggings aren't half bad either!

Currently Coveting
(and I know, these are so so wrong for someone aged 31...)

A raised toilet seat!

And a wedge coccyx cushion

(you also probably didn't want to know that, but hey ho, it's my blog and I do try to be honest) :-)

Interesting Info

Anyone with kids might be interested in this free bedtime phone call from a Disney character (although it's still a good idea even if you're over 18!). There's 10,000 free calls available until the end of September.

Curator Chris Wild has found a whole host of peculiar photographs from years ago and he's doing an exhibition of them up in Northumberland. I think it's a fascinating idea; some of the pictures are really strange and we'll never know the true story behind them!

My dad found this site for me - FlightRadar24 - which basically tracks all the planes (commercial and private) across the UK. We get quite a few flying over our town and you can click on each little plane picture and see it's flight path, altitude, where it's off to, where it's come from and who it belongs to (along with lots of other info). It's definitely something I'm going to dip into now and again over the next couple of months.

On Buzzfeed there's a list of 9 of the most beautiful theatres in the world; I'm quite pleased to see the Minack Theatre in Cornwall on there (that's one ticked off) and the Royal Albert Hall is there as well (which will be ticked off in December). The one I really want to visit now though is The Seebühne!

Now I thought I was pretty sad with my 'to be read' spreadsheet but this post on BookRiot is written by someone even more OCD than me - it's the ultimate reading spreadsheet - which lets you track far more data than GoodReads ever can. I'll admit though, there's a little part of me that does think 'hmm, that would be interesting to do..."

This week's Carnivals...

Take place in Shaftesbury in North Dorset (a smallish procession), Sidmouth in Devon (another smallish procession) and Wellington in South Somerset (a medium-large sized procession and the first chance to see some of the potential prize-winners of the November processions!)

What's new with you?


    Hope your eight weeks brings stacks of recovery your way, you'll definitely be going stir crazy by week three I reckon but if it means I get more blogging action from you...
    M x

  2. Ooh you've just reminded me, my friend had the Flight Radar app when we went on holiday a couple of years ago and we spent ages playing with it, great fun! Also argh! to your accident, I hope you don't go too crazy being laid up :)

  3. I hope you're feeling okay, I just saw your comment on my blog so had a nosey on over here - so sorry to hear about your ankle! I've just broken part of my spine and coccyx so that chair you posted on here sounds like HEAVEN!!

    Loving the flight tracker - I'm literally now slowing my whole laptop down clicking on and off planes haha.

    Not much new with me! Apart from more bed rest.. it gets so boring eventually. So make sure you keep yourself distracted :)

    Lots of love
    Jamie xox Reaping Beauty

  4. I'm so sorry your injury is so severe but I'm sure you'll find lots of lovely ways to spend the next eight weeks. I imagine many books will be read for a start! That Disney character phone call sounds awesome xxx

  5. Aw thanks for the mention. Love your Here is the News posts! By the way we have chosen the name Hugo. I'm now off to read a few of the lovely blogs you have mentioned.x

  6. I think my niece's would love a call from a Disney character! Lucas loves getting a phonecall from Father Christmas every year. Hope your ankle's healing up nicely, L!


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