Wednesday 10 September 2014

Here Is The News #10

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Donna shared five top tips for finding bargains in charity shops.

Becky's post on how to write engaging blog content is really interesting, although I think I'm probably guilty of some of these.

Dudley went mud woogling and ended up one very mucky pup!

Elise had a quick trip to Blackpool and took some lovely pictues; we had a week there last year and although it might be run-down and a bit tacky, I love it anyway. Elise's post really makes me want to book another holiday there!

Exciting Events

Jane's Photo an Hour challenge for September falls on this Saturday - I'll be Instagramming my way through the day using the tag #photoanhour, feel free to join in, it's definitely the more the merrier!

This weekend is also Heritage Open Days weekend where thousands of historic venues fling open their doors (sometimes for free) and let you have a nosy. We're hoping to head off to Clifton Rocks Railway in Bristol on Sunday and may well take a look at some other places on the way.

Gemma's organising a Cardiff Bloggers Pre-Christmas Meet Up and Cream Tea on Sunday 26th October (open to everyone, not just Welsh bloggers). I haven't bought a ticket just yet, mainly because I wanted to see who else might be going but I'd love to go and even if I don't know anyone, I'm sure it'll be fine anyway. Although, Angela, Michelle, Chelsea, Lily, SJ, Sarah, Leona and Rachel - it'd be lovely to see you!

Interesting Info

Chocolate teapots apparently can be useful after all!

Photographer Oliver Hellowell takes stunning pictures of all sorts of birds and other wildlife; you can follow his Facebook page here (and he just happens to have Down's Syndrome as well...)

The Guardian wrote about how we're almost nearing our world growth limit. Back in the early 70s a book was published using scientific theories to predict that civilisation would collapse some time this century and funnily enough, the two sets of graphs (the estimates and the real life data) are spookily similar!

How many of these British seaside towns can you name?

This Week's Carnival...

Is actually two Carnivals - one in Colyton in Devon and one in Mere in Wiltshire.

Musical Magic

I don't even know how or what we were talking about to get onto the subject of 80s cartoon, Dogtanian and his Three Muskerhounds but once it was mentioned, we clicked over to the theme tune straightaway!

What's new with you?


  1. Yay I'm here! Glad you liked my pics, I had to restrain myself from posting tons... :)

  2. Haha- that chocolate teapot is awesome! xxx

  3. Ha, I also posted Dogtanian a few weeks ago- I was doing a review on the Three Musketeers!x


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