Sunday 28 September 2014

An A-Z of Me - I

Infertility - This is probably the biggest 'I' thing that sums up my life. There's no other way of putting it: technically, medically, and all the other '-allys', we are classed as an infertile couple. It's a strange word; years ago it used to have such a stigma attached to it and was talked about in hushed tones. Personally I don't feel any shame in saying it and I'm more than happy to talk about our experiences and answer questions from anyone!

IVF and ICSI - Which brings me neatly to the next 'I'; IVF is definitely not something I would have ever imagined would be part of our lives but there it is, you can't plan what happens, all you can do is make the best of the hand you've been given. As well as being it's own type of treatment, IVF is also used as the umbrella term for a number of other different assisted reproduction techniques and the one we've had is called ICSI (which stands for the catchy name of Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) - it's the one you always see on TV, where the wriggly is actually injected into the egg. It's an amazing science and fascinating to learn about, just such a shame that our two goes at it haven't worked.

Iceland - As well as Edinburgh, if there was one place in the world I'd like to live, it would be in Iceland. I love the geography and history of the place and then when I visited for the first time (back in 2002), I fell in love with the people, lifestyle and atmosphere. I forced Andrew into going there for our honeymoon back in 2007 and luckily, he did enjoy it as well.

Ice Skating - I'd love to be able to ice skate; funnily enough Andrew actually can, for some unknown reason back in the early 90s his school took all the kids for ice skating lessons at Bristol's ice rink and he's even got certificates for his amazing skating prowess. I'm one of those people who go round the edge with their hand never more than 6 inches from the handrail - and unfortunately I don't think it's something I'll be able to improve on in the next few years now!


What 'I' things sum you up?

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  1. I reckon you can definitely add "Interesting" to your list, seeing as you're a fountain of cool and unusual facts. I'm not sure what my "I"s are... Irrational, maybe? Indulgent, definitely. xxx


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