Tuesday 16 September 2014

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 13th September

Saturday 13th was the date chosen by Jane (from Is That You Darling) for September's photo an hour challenge. It also marked one year since I first took part in her challenge!
It was a day we'd been planning for months; Andrew's dad turns 74 today so we'd organised Saturday as a mystery tour for him to a place he'd been meaning to visit for about 40 years.
8am -  We were up early to take organise our stuff and pack a flask and cake. Everything was planned out, all we had to do was pick them up around 8.30am.
8am - mystery tour information

9am - On the road with the in laws and the weather's not quite as good as we'd hoped for!
9am - driving through the mist

10am -  Brightening up a bit now but we were still only about halfway to our destination.
10am - driving through country lanes

11am -  Onto the motorway for the last bit of the journey and luckily the M4 wasn't too busy.
11am - driving along the motorway

12pm - Finally we arrived at our mystery place, Didcot to visit the railway centre museum.
12pm - Didcot railway centre

1pm - Our first ride of the day was on a 1940 diesel GWR railcar.
1pm - Didcot Railway Centre Diesel Railcar

2pm -  We made sure to explore the whole site including the locomotive workshop where one engine in restoration is this one, 4079 GWR Pendennis Castle.
2pm - Didcot Railway Centre 4079 Pendennis Castle

3pm - Then it was on to the museum and archives bit where there's a striking picture of the map of what the rail network used to look like in South West England.
3pm - Didcot Railway Centre SW England Railway Map

4pm -  Last visit of the day was the air raid shelter where you can experience what it was like to be in one while the bombs were dropping.
4pm - Didcot Railway Centre Air Raid Shelter

5pm -  Back on the road again, this time doing the short hop along the motorway to Swindon to find some dinner.
5pm - driving along the M4 motorway

6pm -  Ed's Easy Diner was the other part of the mystery tour, all of us like the wallboxes and music so we put on a few songs while we were waiting for the food to be served.
6pm - playing music at Ed's Easy Diner

7pm - I had a chicken BLT and sweet potato fries for dinner and had this gooey chocolate brownie for pudding!
7pm - Ed's Easy Diner chocolate brownie

8pm - On the way home now and we drove through Bradford on Avon where there appeared to be some kind of street party going on (we later found out it was the 'End of Summer Party' at the town's Arts Festival)
8pm - Bradford on Avon at night

9pm -  Back home and unpacking our flasks and cake from earlier in the day.
9pm - flask and cake

10pm -  Then just to carry on our rock and roll lifestyle, we settled down to watch the end of Last Night of the Proms!
10pm - watching Last Night of the Proms

11pm -  And finally a cuppa and book before bedtime.
11pm - cup of tea and book before bedtime

Pop over to Jane's blog to see when the October photo an hour challenge will be!

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  1. Great post! The museum looks really good and that diner is so cool and retro. :)

  2. I'm so glad the weather cheered up for your adventures. Being in a bomb shelter sounds terrifying- I'd probably get too caught up in the moment and end up screaming! xxx

  3. Glad you had a good day.It was nice that so many of us photo an hour peeps were out and about that day.x

  4. I loved how many of us were out for Photo an Hour this month! Looking forward to the next one already :)



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