Monday 15 September 2014

A Walk on the Wild Side with Nakd Bars

Soooo, doing a review of products you've been sent - how do you start that sort of post then?

All the blogs I've seen usually go something along the lines of 'I was doing xyz stuff so when xyz company offered to send me xyz products I was really excited/pleased/any-variation-of-positive-adjective!'

Nakd Bars

Well, stuff that, the tale of how I came to be in possession of a box of (thankfully quite tasty) Nakd bars is as simple as I was approached by a lovely PR lady and asked would I like to try a box.

Interestingly it was actually a company I'd heard of already as they sell the bars in the shop on campus at my workplace; they're positioned in the bit where you queue to get to the tills and I've picked up a bar on more than one occasion and then put it down seeing that they contain nuts and even though I'm not allergic or anything, I'm just a nuisance and don't like them.

Nakd Bars
So my first response to the email was that I'd love to try them but I'm not sure about the amount of nuts - however I did have several eager and willing friends who'd love to help plus a hungry human dustbin in the shape of a husband.

Fast forward a week or so and a box of Nakd bars promptly arrived on my desk, quickly followed by a couple of starvin' marvin friends. Once they'd tasted their bars, I realised that the nuts were actually chopped up really small so I might like them after all (like I said, I'm just awkward, I'll eat tiny nuts chopped up but not anything larger).

Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars are produced by Natural Balance Foods; they've been around for 10 years with the aim of making healthy wholefood alternatives to processed food and I'm happy to report that all their bars are made in good old Blighty. The Nakd bars are simply raw fruit and nuts all mashed together with 100% natural ingredients - perfect for dairy, gluten and wheat free diets. I have a few friends who need things like this so I know how important it is to find tasty treats that fulfil all that criteria.
Oh, and even better, one Nakd bar counts towards your five a day!

Nakd Bars

There's 9 different flavours to choose from: Rhubard and Custard, Caffe Mocha, Cocoa Orange, Berry Delight, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Delight, Ginger Bread, Cocoa Mint and Pecan Pie.

Nakd Bars
My lovely friend M tried the Cocoa Mint and here's what she had to say:
"delicious, satisfying, all the comfort of a mint club biscuit without the guilt!"

Andrew sampled the Ginger Bread:
"cinnamon-y, nutty and without the dryness you get from eating raw nuts"
(I've never eaten nuts on their own, so who knows what he was on about)

Nakd Bars Ginger Bread

I tried the Cocoa Orange and was very pleasantly surprised, even though the packet says 40% cashews, they're chopped so small you don't notice them at all. It was very tasty, chocolately but not over-powering and bonus points for being only 145 calories.

Nakd Bars Cocoa Orange

The in laws tried the Cashew Cookie and Caffe Mocha and their response was:
"yum, very nice"
(well, they are in their 70s)

All in all, we found them rather good and it's nice to find a snack that's both tasty and healthy - next time I'm stood in the shop queue at work dithering whether to pick one up, I'll know what they're actually like!

Thanks Natural Balance Foods!

I was very kindly sent a free box of Nakd bars to review.
All words, opinions and photos are my own, the other half's, the in law's and my lovely friend M's.


  1. I completely understand your 'nut issue' - I feel the same way! So it's good to here the Nakd bars are not the no-go I once thought! :)

  2. We all love Nakd bars. They're one of the healthier snack bars that you can get and haven't been mucked around with too much--always faintly suspicious of "natural flavourings" but I can live with that for the glorious yumminess of the Rhubarb & Custard!!

  3. Ooh- get you with the awesome freebies! I've heard of Nakd bars but never inspected their range of flavours before. They sound seriously delicious and pudding-y for something which counts as a portion of fruit! xxx

  4. I'm funny about fruit mashed up and in things so I've never tried these!x


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