Thursday 3 April 2014

52 Lists - Things To Do Before You Die

This week's theme is Things To Do Before You Die. I was about 16 when I wrote my first bucket list, I wrote it on a piece of notepaper, folded it tightly and hid it inside a secret pocket of my purse. I actually still have it now, tucked away in a bit of my (now slightly larger) wallet.

52 Lists - Things To Do Before You Die

So my 16 year old bucket list looked like this...

Meet Adrian Lewis Morgan (he played Roger in the 1998 West End musical Rent, every girl in my drama class fancied him) (x)
Visit New Zealand
Visit Reykjavik (*)
Visit New York (*)
Get my NPLQ qualification (I spent several years as a Rookie Lifeguard in my local pool) (x)
Learn BSL (x)
Learn to fly a plane (x)
Be a Carnival judge (*)
Visit the Scilly Isles
Trace my family history (*)
See Rent on Broadway (*)
Go on a cruise round Scotland on the Hebridean Princess
Organise a school reunion in 2009 (it didn't happen, I thought that a 10 year gap really wasn't that long!) (x)
Get married (*)
Have children
Do a wingwalk
Live in West Cornwall (x)
Visit the New Orleans Mardi Gras

I've managed to cross some of them off already (the ones marked with *) and a few of them I really don't need or want to do now (the ones marked with x).

There's a few though that would definitely feature on my 31 year old bucket list (along with a few added extras)...

Spend a month living in Iceland
Live in Edinburgh
Own a vintage showman's caravan
Work for the National Fairground Archive in Sheffield
Finish my MSc degree
Qualify as a Chartered Librarian
Pay off our mortgage in 10-15 years

All very boringly grown up ideas don't you think?

What's on your bucket list?

This post is part of Ema's (Made in Hunters) 52 Lists Project
For a full list of all the other lovely bloggy people taking part, visit Scarlett's site (WorkRestPlayLove) for a nosy!


  1. I got all excited when I thought you could fly a plane!! That aside, a grown up bucket list is what it's all about isn't it really? I started thinking about mine and got completely sidetracked by pretty things on Pinterest. Ooops! But living in France and diving in the Philippines are both on there...and maybe paying off the mortgage!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I like the sound of diving in the Philippines! I wouldn't know where to begin with diving but it sounds like it would be fab! :-) Perhaps I really should've been a bit more adventurous with my list - oh well! :-) xx

  2. Good list! Mortgage is definitely on mine, as are sprogs and getting married *nudges Tom*. I've got so many more countries I want to visit (with Tom), and would love to find a job I really enjoy. Edinburgh is such a gorgeous city- I'd move there in a heartbeat if I could move all our friends and family with us. And maybe all live in a huge mansion together... haha xxx

    1. Snap! That's the only reason the other half doesn't want to move up north - it'd be far too far away from both our families. I did point out that there is a little thing called trains and motorways nowdays but that's still not good enough. He's probably right though, it is a long way - but I love your idea of a mansion, that sounds just the job! :-) xxx


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