Sunday 20 April 2014

100 Happy Days #10

The tenth and final instalment of my attempt to catalogue 100 Happy Days... :-)
Friday 11th April

Polka dot ballet shoes
Finally packed away the winter boots and got out the summer ballet shoes (still with tights though!)

Saturday 12th April

Perfectly-cooked healthy lasagne - that night's dinner plus 2 portions in the freezer :-)

Sunday 13th April

Blooming flowerbeds
A little bit of light weeding reveals a blooming spring flowerbed...

Monday 14th April

Asda strawberry dream chocolate bites
The parents dropped by the previous evening and donated us this packet of very tasty chocolate treats!

Tuesday 15th April

IVF drugs
Definitely a happy picture - getting my hands on the next stage of my IVF treatment!

Wednesday 16th April

Holiday packing
All packed and ready for an Easter mini holiday.

Thursday 17th April

Sun and gorse bushes
The view from our holiday cottage for the weekend.

Friday 18th April

Easter kitchen apron
Easter kitchen apron!

Saturday 19th April

Arcopal Scania crockery bowls
Found some more Arcopal Scania crockery in a charity shop.

Sunday 20th April
Easter chocolate
And the final picture - Easter chocolate!
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  1. Healthy lasagne? Tell me more!
    Don't stop at 100 happy days, just keep going :o)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I'll do a recipe post at some point! I can't remember which cookery book it's from but next time I cook it, I'll take pics and write something up.
      I might have another go at 100 Happy Days later in the year - think I need a bit of a break for a while! (it was getting a bit annoying by the end - I always seemed to end up photographing food!) :-) xx

  2. Yey for the 15th! As always hope it is going well :D <3
    Also, that view - stunning!!
    Hope you have had a lovely Easter :)

    Best wishes, Danielle.

    1. Thanks Danielle - it's all going to plan at the moment :-)
      Hope you had a lovely Easter too! x


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