Monday 27 January 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...
Visiting - Andrew's dad in hospital. Thank you all very much for your best wishes last week; he's made good progress and was moved from Intensive Care on Thursday to a Gasto-Intestinal ward (I keep wanting to say 'Gastro' which is completely the wrong thing given that most of the people on that ward can't eat or drink!).
He's only being allowed small sips of water and will probably be in hospital for another good week or so but at least everything's heading in the right direction!

Sorting - out lots of things from one place in the house to another. Now that we've got the spare bedroom back into an almost fully functioning room again, it's time to move all the stuff back into it.

Spying - a rainbow through the rain and storms!
Planning - lots of blog posts for the next month to get through when I might not feel very well and am undergoing all sorts of lovely hospital treatment.
Blog drafts
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. So glad to hear that Andrew's Dad is doing a bit better! I hope your hospital treatment isn't too horrid xxx

    1. Aww, thank you! I hope it won't be too bad either, I think the anticipation beforehand is probably worse, when it actually gets here (in a week or so) I think it won't be half as bad as I'm thinking it'll be. :-) xxx


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