Sunday 5 January 2014

In 2014 I Hope To...

New Year's Resolutions - they're a funny sort of thing. I've never been the sort of person to make resolutions in January, I'm more the sort of person who thinks that if you're going to resolve to do something, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is.
But in the spirit of pretty much all bloggers I thought I'd write down a few little things which I hope to achieve in 2014. I can then do what everyone else does and look back on them - if nothing else, it'll give me the content for a blog post next year. :-)

2014 Calendar

So in 2014 I hope to...
tick a few more things from my 32 Before 32 list
try and feature a few more craft/food/outfit type posts on here
(I'd originally planned to feature a bit of all of them but they seem to have fallen by the wayside!)
take part in Janey's (from Is That You Darling) Photo an Hour challenge once a month
(the first one's coming up on Saturday 18th January)

wear brighter lipstick
(after a chat with the lovely Lily and SJ on Saturday, I realised I should stop feeling so self conscious and just do it, as they say)
make more time to sit down and read books
(despite training to be a librarian, I only ever seem to have the time to read when on holiday)

take part in Ema's 52 Lists project
(the first one is all about goals for the year, so consider this post it) :-)
try and keep my life a bit simpler
(my diary looks cram-packed all the time, perhaps it's time to cut down on the amount of things I try to fit in)
and there's an obvious one (to do with our IVF treatment) which I don't know whether to list or not - I'm not a superstitious sort of person but it also feels kind of wrong to list it down as a resolution!

Have you made any resolutions for 2014?


  1. Yes to lipstick and lists and huge good lucky yes to IVF time. Everything crossed for you.
    M x

    1. Thanks Michelle! I've been wearing brighter lipstick around the house for starters - I still feel self conscious but every little helps as they say! :-) xx

  2. Completely agreed re: new year resolutions, but I joined in with blogging about them too. You have some good ones here. Definitely go for the lipstick! I'd like to wear more actually. Wishing you lots of luck with IVF! :D

    1. Thanks Jen! Perhaps later in the year I'll have to do a post about lipstick colours :-) x

  3. Bright lipstick is fun! Have you seen Little Green Sheds #52loaves project? You don't have to bake a whole 52 loaves a year, but if you find yourself baking bread, link up with her.

    My only resolution this year is to get organised. I may be failing before I truly got started...have just realised that Lucas is going to a birthday party on Saturday and I don't have present/card sorted. Whoops.

    1. Haha, getting organised is definitely a good resolution. I still have things half finished all over the house (and we've still got rooms to decorate and we've lived here for 4 years!).
      I've not heard of the 52 Loaves Project - sounds interesting! Gonna head over and investigate in a bit :-) xx


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