Monday 20 January 2014

100 Happy Days #1

The first instalment of my attempt to catalogue 100 Happy Days... :-)
Saturday 11th January

Cream scone at a viewpoint
 Strawberry cream scones at our favourite local viewpoint :-)

Sunday 12th January

 New carpet
 Finally - new carpet is laid in our refurbished bedroom!

Monday 13th January

Duck on a lake
 Not sure what this duck was doing at work - he appeared to be paddling in a circle whilst sipping the water!?

 Tuesday 14th January

White chocolate cheesecake
 This delicious cheesecake was bought in readiness for the next night's dinner party...

Wednesday 15th January

Glam Mac and Cheese dinner party
 A tasty dinner party at my lovely friend M's house - Lorraine Pascale's Glam Mac and Cheese!

Thursday 16th January

Pasta bolognese
Double the amount of pasta bolognese cooked for dinner that night meant the next day's lunch sorted!
Friday 17th January
Pretty Nostalgic magazine
Friday night settled down on the sofa with Pretty Nostalgic magazine.

Saturday 18th January

New curtains
Amazing new curtains from Poundstretcher - just the right pattern and certainly the right price!

Sunday 19th January

Walkers shortbread
My favourite shortbread company had their festive biscuits reduced in B&M :-)

Monday 20th January

Fancy hot chocolate
 Fancy-pants hot chocolate before bed tonight!

Are you taking part? I'd love to see what's made you happy as well!


  1. I love this #100happydays idea. Well and truly out of the blogging habit at the moment, but when normal life resumes its a bandwagon I shall be jumping on!

    1. Definitely, go for it! It'll be much easier to do in the summer anyway when everything's light and (hopefully) much warmer :-) x

  2. Those hot chocolates look delicious! I'm actually doing a 365 project - same thing as you, just attempting to go the whole year. We shall see how that goes... :) x

    1. Gosh, 365 photos does sound daunting - I thought 100 days was a challenge! Good luck with snapping the whole year! :-) x

  3. Ooooh I really want to do this someday, it looks so cool! I've done the 365 project before but that wasn't really connected to things that make you happy, this should really have a nice outcome :) Just too busy with internship right now, and everything that makes me happy at this moment are patients and I can't go around and photograph them, so I'll just have to do this at a later stage! Thanks for sharing though! Your bedroom looks really nice by the way! :)

    1. Thanks Saskia! I don't think I could photograph 365 days - it's already becoming a bit of a struggle and I'm only 15 or so days in!
      You should definitely give it a go in the future though! :-) x


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